Diablo 4 is nearly upon us, and meaning it is time for a bizarre advertising and marketing marketing campaign. Lilith & Co, named for the game’s demonic mum, is opening a chocolate store in London where you should buy and snack on tasty treats like human skulls, femur bones and demon hearts. My stomach is rumbling. Or perhaps I simply really feel a bit of sick. 

This 18+ chocolate store is outwardly half anatomical museum and half artwork gallery, so you possibly can really feel very cultured whilst you stuff your face with costly chocolate. The store additionally options “massive scale Diablo characters” created by Sarah Hardy, a sculptor and chocolatier from The Edible Museum. 

I’ve completely no thought what confectionery has to do with Diablo, until there’s some deep lore that I’ve one way or the other missed, however attempting to make sense of videogame advertising and marketing campaigns is a idiot’s errand. Regardless, it is labored, as a result of right here I’m telling you all about it. 

If any of that is tickling your fancy, you will must get to Bateman Avenue in Central London. Visiting London to purchase chocolate does sound like Hell to me, so it is the right location for a Diablo-themed chocolate store. Anticipate London costs, too. The most cost effective deal with is £7, however at the very least the cash goes to a great place: 100% of the proceeds are being donated to SpecialEffect. Who might have identified Lilith was so charitable? Good for her. 

Lilith’s “goremet” chocolate emporium might be opening its doorways on Saturday, June 3, however you will solely have the weekend to get your fill.