In case you actually give it some thought, the letter L is simply the letter I with one other letter I mendacity down in entrance of it. What’s a T? Possibly two letter Ls which have been welded collectively after being turned the wrong way up? A V is simply an I that is leaning over and has been welded collectively on the backside with one other leaning I, so an X… that is both two Is crossing one another, or perhaps two Vs, one flipped the wrong way up and welded collectively on the pointy bits. Possibly?

That is the idea in puzzle game Phrase Factori. You could have a small manufacturing facility that may produce the letter I, and utilizing solely that letter you must create phrases like OX, CAT, and IVY, after which finally more durable constructions like DOCTOR, VOXEL, and AXOLOTL.

How do you do it with simply an I? Nicely, by working a manufacturing line of Is from one manufacturing facility to the subsequent. There is a manufacturing facility that may take an I and bend it right into a C-shape, which is of course the way you make a C. However if you wish to make an O, there is no O manufacturing facility. 

So you may need to get two traces of Is working via a C manufacturing facility, then flip one line horizontally, then weld them collectively in one other manufacturing facility. C plus backwards C is an O. And issues solely get extra sophisticated from there.

Hey, it turns on the market was an I in TEAM all this time. In actual fact, there have been an entire bunch of them! My coach was utterly unsuitable.

Half of the enjoyable of Phrase Factori is just experimenting. It is not all the time clear what a manufacturing facility does till you have run some letters via it, and alongside the way in which you may uncover the recipe for a unique letter than you meant. Whereas making an attempt to manufacture an X for the primary time, I despatched two horizontal Is right into a welding manufacturing facility and as an alternative of crisscrossing them into an X it as an alternative produced an = signal. Which was not solely humorous, however fairly correct. An equal signal is, in any case, one I mendacity on prime of one other I. Making the X correctly turned out to be a bit trickier.

Phrase Factori: Making an attempt to spell ox”

And whereas it looks like the enjoyable may run out as soon as you have realized the recipe for every of the 26 attainable letters, there are further challenges in Phrase Factori that restrict you to what number of and what forms of every manufacturing facility you should utilize on every stage. With some letters having a number of recipes, you’d have to find probably the most optimum manufacturing facility setup to beat every problem. And with all these factories and conveyor belts and letters whizzing round in your display screen, it could possibly get a bit of hectic at occasions. 

One weird ultimate little element I take pleasure in is that if you do efficiently full a phrase, it begins spitting out an image of that phrase reasonably than the phrase itself. So for those who spell the phrase duck, your display screen will slowly change into full of footage of a duck as an alternative of the phrase duck. Bizarre! However cute. Phrase Factori is deliberate for launch in August, however there is a free demo on Steam you possibly can (and may) attempt straight away. You know the way to spell Steam, right? First, you bend an I…