The V Rising Ancestral Forge is a brand new crafting station that was launched as a part of the current Gloomrot growth. Although it’s important to soar by just a few hoops to unlock it, what makes this forge particular is that it might restore legendary shattered weapons that high-level V blood bosses drop, letting you utilize them for your self.

Repairing these legendary weapons is a expensive course of and fairly the grind, so it is undoubtedly not price endeavor till you are firmly within the endgame. That mentioned, there aren’t too many steps to unlocking the Ancestral Forge itself so you can begin planning, gathering what you want, and pondering which legendary shattered weapon you would possibly need to restore based mostly on its randomised attributes.

Tips on how to unlock the Ancestral Forge 

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V Rising Ancestral Forge boss - Raziel the Shepherd

Beat Raziel to unlock the forge for constructing (Picture credit score: Stunlock Studios)
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V Rising Ancestral Forge boss location

You will discover Raziel within the Dunley Monastery within the west of the farmlands (Picture credit score: Stunlock Studios/

To get the crafting diagram for the Ancestral Forge, you first have to take down the Raziel the Shepherd boss. He is positioned within the Dunley Monastery within the west of the Dunley Farmlands area, however with a purpose to beat him you are going to have to be round stage 60, plus have a strategy to cope with the Holy Radiation current within the space. 

It is really helpful that you simply defeat the Christina the Solar Priestess boss close to Dawnbreak within the Dunley Farmlands to unlock the Holy Resistance Potion recipe, or a minimum of loot some from the encompassing space. To craft one you want: 

  • 45 Mourning Lily
  • Two Scourgestone
  • One Water Crammed Bottle

These potions assist mitigate the Holy Radiation harm across the monastery for lengthy sufficient to combat Raziel. When you beat him, you will unlock the Ancestral Forge for constructing. This requires: 

  • One Primal Blood Essence
  • Eight Radium Alloy
  • 16 Iron Ingots

To make Primal Blood Essence it’s essential to defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter within the Dunley Farmlands. Radium Alloy is likely one of the new supplies added with Gloomrot and our guide explains find out how to craft it, however lengthy story brief: you are going to have to defeat a minimum of one of many new bosses to get the crafting recipe. As soon as you have received all the vital elements, you possibly can construct the Ancestral Forge. 

Tips on how to use the Ancestral Forge

The Ancestral Forge can restore shattered weapons, which you get by defeating excessive stage V blood bosses. Every of those has randomised attributes and if you slot it into the forge, it will let you know what supplies you require with a purpose to restore it to make use of. An important useful resource you are going to want for legendary shattered weapons is Onyx Tears, which you’ll craft on the Anvil after you have defeated Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer within the east aspect of the Cursed Forest area.