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How to Fix the Bus in Stardew Valley


How to Fix the Bus in Stardew Valley

On: July 14, 2023

The lovely thing about Stardew Valley is that it has everything that you could ever need. It has various ecosystems all intermingling, and Pelican Town has many facilities you can rely on. That being said, sometimes you may get the urge to travel outside the valley. In order to do that, however, you’ll need to ride the bus.

Unfortunately, as you’ll quickly find, the bus has fallen into disrepair, and no one around seems that pressed to fix it. This is where you come in, because in true video game fashion, nothing gets done without help from a stoic hero. Ultimately, its repair is about as simple as rotating furniture or removing bushes. However, it’s not exactly a quick task, and you’ll need plenty of money to get the wheels rolling again.

How to Fix The Bus

The Bus Stop is an amenity that can only be fixed through your personal financial contributions. Luckily, there are two ways to fix it, depending on which path you take in the game. These are, naturally, through Community Center Bundles or JojaMart Community Development.

Community Center Bundle

The first and most obvious method is to complete bundles through the Community Center. Specifically, you need to complete the Vault collection, which only becomes available after you’ve completed four other Bundles. Once you do, the Vault can be found on the right side of the Community Center.

These specific bundles are very simple: You just need to pay various amounts of Gold. This means it’s also very costly, as the whole collection will run you 42,500 Gold in total. Maximize your farming and fishing activities as well as make Artisan products to help build up your funds.

Luckily, like all Community Center Bundles, the Vault bundle will give you various rewards in return. Completing all of them will reward you with three Chocolate Cakes, 30 Quality Fertilizer, one Lightning Rod, and one Crystalarium. The later rewards are quite enticing, and make the Community Center path ultimately more rewarding than the JojaMart path.

JojaMart Community Development

The alternative to the Community Center is helping with JojaMart Community Development. To get this started, go to JojaMart and buy a membership card from Morris for 5,000 Gold. This will transform the Community Center into a JojaMart Warehouse.

Once that’s done, you can make various development purchases, such as fixing the bus. This will run you 40,000 Gold, which, coupled with the 5,000 membership card, makes this the more expensive path toward repair. JojaMart developments also don’t provide extra rewards, either. That’s something to keep in mind before you tear down the Community Center and upend all the Junimos.

How to Ride The Bus

Once the bus is fixed, it operates every day from 10:10 AM to 5:00 PM. To ride it, you need to purchase a ticket at the nearby machine. You’ll find this machine to the left of the bus, blocking the sidewalk going west. It’s worth noting that the price includes the cost of the return trip, so no additional tickets are needed to get back home.

Expert Tip

While Pam, the bus driver, usually arrives at 10:10am, it’s technically possible to depart on the bus sooner than that. The trick is to stand outside her home at 8:30am and block her path when she appears. After walking through your player character, she’ll begin to walk even faster than normal, arriving at the bus stop by 9:30am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pam not at the bus stop?

Pam gets the job as the Bus Driver once the bus is up and running, and will always be ready to go at 10:10 AM. The only time she is not there is on Day 25 of Spring, when she has her doctor’s appointment with Harvey.

How much do Bus Tickets cost?

Bus Tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Machine near the Bus Stop for 500 Gold.

Are there other bus routes?

In the current version of the game, the bus only goes to the outside area known as Calico Desert. However, the Minecart offers ways to quickly get around Pelican Town.