The Misplaced Tuskarr Kite in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is a quest merchandise you may want to search out in The Waking Shores. In contrast to many different Wished quests, this one would not require killing a named enemy; as a substitute, you simply have to find and retrieve the lacking kite and return it to Cataloger Jakes.

Getting across the Dragon Isles is far simpler as soon as you’ve got collected all of the Dragon Glyphs and maxed out your dragonriding skills, however different modes of transport are additionally obtainable within the new zones. You may have to move to one of many boats in The Waking Shores for the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite quest, so this is what you could know.

Pier location at Uktulut Outpost. (Picture credit score: Blizzard)

WoW Dragonflight Misplaced Tuskarr Kite location 

As soon as you’ve got picked up this quest from the noticeboard at Dragonscale Basecamp, you may see a marker in your map over on the west coast of The Waking Shores at Uktulut Outpost, in order that’s where you could head. When you arrive, search for the pier with the NPC and the timer, which handily tells you when the boat will subsequent arrive. Be warned, it’d take some time—I needed to wait greater than ten minutes for it to reach.

You’ll be able to fly over to the boat as quickly as you see it, in the event you like, and you will even see the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite flying behind it. Nevertheless, you possibly can solely retrieve the kite as soon as the boat reaches the dock. When the boat involves a full stand-still, the kite will drop into the water and that is when you possibly can seize it.

As soon as you’ve got retrieved the Misplaced Tuskarr Kite, head again to the Dragonscale Basecamp and find Cataloger Jakes inside the big tent there handy within the quest for a Provide Cache and 250 Dragonscale Expedition status.