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How to Catch Silver Titan Triggerfish in Dave the Diver


How to Catch Silver Titan Triggerfish in Dave the Diver

On: January 19, 2024

Image Credit: Mintrocket.

Udo is looking to get some fine work published in the Weekly Fish magazine, and he needs the help and expertise of Dave the Diver. At one point in the game, Udo asks the titular deep-sea diver to capture the Silver Titan Triggerfish over a weekend. It’s a particular type of fish that lives in the Blue Hole. It’s essentially a silver-scaled variant of the more common Titan Triggerfish can challenge those who come near.

Fear not; catching a Silver Titan Triggerfish is relatively easy compared to other unique aquatic creatures of the Blue Hole. Dave needs a weapon that can discharge electricity, according to Udo. Which weapon, though? And how can Dave capture the fish after using a tool that conducts electricity? Both questions have their answers, and it all starts with diving into the depths of the Blue Hole.

Image Credit: Mintrocket.

Dave the Diver players can capture the Silver Titan Triggerfish using a Lightning Rifle or a Steel Net Gun. The rifle will incapacitate the fish, allowing Dave enough time to swim up and retrieve it. Utilizing the Steel Net Gun will safely entrap the peculiar sea creature; as with the rifle, swim up to the fish to catch it. Performing either method will result in Dave obtaining the silver-covered fish for Udo.

By giving the “silvery Titan Triggerfish” to Udo, Dave will receive 1,500 Gold while adding a captured fish monster to the FishMon app. The smartphone app informs Dave that the fish weighs 20kg and lives within ~50m of the Blue Hole (between the Shallows and the Medium Depth levels of the area). Its card number is 004 on the app out of nine total FishMon entries. Moreover, the app provides the following information on the special triggerfish: “It’s said to have a very tough body that’s invulnerable to attack.”

Additionally, Weekly Fish magazine sales will increase due to the reported triggerfish. From there, players can continue to assist Udo with his assignments. With this in mind, watch for Udo whenever he offers an assignment. The other FishMon entries will grant Dave hefty rewards, such as the Explosive Vampire Squid for 2,500 Gold.

Expert Tip

Despite Udo’s tip to use a weapon that emits electricity, hitting the Silver Titan Triggerfish directly won’t work unless other fish are nearby. It’s essential to strike at the triggerfish only when other fish are close to it. Otherwise, Dave the Diver players can rely on the Steel Net Gun for a more simplistic approach.

Image Credit: Mintrocket.

The Silver Titan Triggerfish is not to be confused with the aforementioned Titan Triggerfish that lives in the Blue Hole Shallows. Its appearance vastly differs from the silver type, sporting an orange look. This one will start to appear after the “Prepare Sushi Ingredients” mission; in other words, players will have no issue running into the typical triggerfish.

With the silver triggerfish now a part of the Weekly Fish, Dave can move on to other assignments and projects with Udo whenever a weekend approaches.