Timberborn is a beaver city-building game where you turn Turn timber into sophisticated machinery with a unique architecture system, wooden machinery, dams and water physics.

Timberborn Cheats and their effects

  • Highlight resource reproduction spots
  • Toggle nav mesh
  • Speed x99 [5] – 99 times game speed.
  • Camera: Move clip plane farther – Moves the Clip Plane further away.
  • Toggle drought – Begins or ends a drought.
  • Camera: Move target down – Vertically lowers the camera.
  • Water simulation: x3 – Speeds up Water Simulation by a factor of 3.
  • SKy: Toggle fog – Turns a fog effect on and off.
  • Camera State: Restore – Returns to the saved Camera State.
  • Toggle models: Terrain – Shows or hides terrain.
  • Camera: Free mode – Switches to a free camera mode.
  • Camera: Move Target up – Vertically raises the camera.
  • Camera State: Save – Saves the Camera State (position and angle)
  • Water simulation: Reset simulation – Removes all water and begins generating from Water Sources again.
  • Kill 30% of population – Kills 1/3 of your Beavers.
  • Toggle models: Water – Shows or hides water.
  • Toggle GC
  • Toggle models: Natural resources – Shows or hides natural resources.
  • Water simulation: x10 – Speeds up Water Simulation by a factor of 10.
  • Soil moisture: reset – Recalculates soil moisture.
  • Speed x30 [4] – 30 times game speed.
  • Camera: Move clip plane nearer – Brings the Clip Plane closer.
  • Dump Mesh Metrics
  • Kill selected beaver [DEL] – Kills the highlighted Beaver.
  • Metrics: Reset
  • Metrics: Write to disk
  • Water simulation: Reset speed – Resets the Water Simulation speed to default.
  • Toggle models: Buildings – Shows or hides Buildings.
  • Toggle models: Beavers – Shows or hides Beaver models.
  • Camera: FOV – – Reduces the camera’s Field of View.
  • Camera: FOV + – Increases the camera’s Field of View.

As explained on Reddit, you can open the Timberborn developer console by pressing Shift + Alt + Z. In addition, you can view statistics in the Debug menu by pressing Shift + Alt + X.

Timberborn Cheats and Console Commands List and how to use

Timberborn on G2A