Thymesia options many attention-grabbing game mechanics, and Plague Weapons make no exception. They are highly effective, have distinctive talents, and deal extra harm than the usual Saber assaults. Enemies have many alternative Plague Weapons, similar to handaxes, knives, halberds, and hammers; you’ll be able to Reave them and use them as soon as, and even unlock and add them to your assortment once you get sufficient Skill Shards.

Let’s uncover learn how to get hold of and use Plague Weapons, reave them, and unlock these uniques by Skill Shards to unleash their powers greater than as soon as.

How To Reave Plague Weapons in Thymesia

Thymesia Guide – How To Use Plague Weapons

Each enemy you’ll face within the game has a Plague Weapon you’ll be able to reave to your personal use. To try this, it is advisable absolutely cost the Claw Attack by pressing the corresponding key (right button of the mouse on PC, R2 on PlayStation, RT on Xbox) after which launch it as soon as you’re prepared. Keep in thoughts, nonetheless, that you’ll grow to be susceptible to enemy assaults, so that you’d higher calculate timings precisely.

You can unlock the Predator’s Claw Lv2 expertise, permitting you to realize a Super Armor when performing this move. You will nonetheless be broken if you happen to get hit by the enemies, however lower than earlier than. Lv3 of this expertise can be helpful as a result of it makes you get hold of one stack of Offensive and Defensive buffs once you efficiently hit the enemy.

Once you get hold of the reaved weapon, you’ll be able to cast it by pressing 2 on PC, Triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox. When you assault as soon as with this weapon, you’ll lose it and need to reave it once more from the identical enemy or one other one. If you don’t use it inside a couple of minutes, additionally, you will lose it. You will profit from the Super Armor when casting Plague Weapons, however do not forget that you continue to can take some harm.

How To Unlock Plague Weapons Through Skill Shards

plague weapons menu in thymesia

Every time you kill a number of enemies, you’ll be able to get hold of Skill Shards from them. These can be utilized within the Plague Weapon menu to unlock or improve Plague Weapons. Each new merchandise prices 3 Skills Shards; the identical goes for each improve.

You can cast an geared up Plague Weapon by pressing 1 on PC, Square on PlayStation, or X on Xbox. They devour power, which is displayed within the decrease left nook in green, and don’t disappear after use. Depending on the weapon, you’ll be able to even use it greater than as soon as in a row for a number of assaults. You may also unlock many skills, similar to Energised Weapon and Energised Deflect, that restore a few of your power after efficiently executing an enemy or deflecting an assault. In addition, you’ll be able to equip a couple of weapon and freely change between them with the Plague Weapon Lv2 expertise.

Each Plague Weapon has its distinctive results, displayed within the correct menu, and can be tied to a cooldown that begins after you employ it. It usually lasts a couple of seconds however could make an enormous distinction in a Soulslike. When you improve a Plague Weapon in Thymesia, you normally improve its harm, cut back the cooldown and the power price, and unlock further results.

Use this type of weapon properly, calculate the proper timings, and thoroughly observe your enemy’s strikes, as you’ll be able to’t simply cast them as many instances as you’d want. They are useful and an actual game changer in lots of conditions, so ensure you observe with them sufficient earlier than beginning a boss battle. And if you happen to nonetheless want some assist with Thymesia, you’ll find our suggestions and tips right here.

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