Potions in Thymesia are your finest ally. They will turn out to be useful and forestall you from dying numerous occasions, particularly in the course of the first hours of the journey whenever you haven’t but mastered the game mechanics. You will begin your journey with three primary potions that have to be rationed rigorously, however you’ll quickly be capable to improve them and even unlock new ones.

This guide will show you how you can improve potions in Thymesia utilizing the so-called Alchemy Enhancers, elements, and recipes, and likewise how you can unlock the Long-lasting and Fast-acting Potions.

Thymesia Potions: Quick Overview

potions in thymesia

You have three various kinds of potions in Thymesia: General, Long-lasting, and Fast-acting. The first one is at your disposal because the very starting of the game, whereas the opposite two will probably be unlocked after you beat the Sea of Trees and the Royal Garden’s bosses. Here’s a fast overview of every potion:

  • General Potion: its results are speedy. It has 100% health and vitality restoration effectiveness.
  • Long-lasting Potion: get well over a while. It has 150% health and vitality restoration effectiveness.
  • Fast-acting Potion: its results are speedy. It has, nonetheless, 50% health and vitality restoration effectiveness. The variety of potions you’ll be able to carry will increase considerably.

How To Obtain Alchemy Enhancers in Thymesia

Alchemy Enhancers can be utilized to improve potions on the Beacon. You won’t discover them by simply exploring the map or killing commonplace mobs; you have to defeat the mini-bosses you discover in every stage to acquire them. You will acknowledge them rapidly as a result of the music theme will change; furthermore, they are going to take far much less injury out of your assaults than the usual mobs and likewise deal extra injury to you.

You want to check their strikes rigorously and put together a counter-offensive accordingly. Prepare to deflect and dodge lots, as they are going to aggressively attempt to kill you. Once you defeat them, you’ll get hold of an Alchemy Enhancer. Be conscious that, not like commonplace enemies, mini-bosses received’t come again to life when you relaxation on the Beacon, so you’ve got a restricted variety of Alchemy Enhancers at your disposal.

How To Use Alchemy Enhancers in Thymesia

potion upgrade in thymesia

You can enter the Potions menu on the Beacon and choose your most popular potion. Here, you’ve got the possibility to improve it by utilizing Alchemy Enhancers. You can improve the variety of potions you’ll be able to carry with you, the health you’ll get well, and unlock a number of (as much as three) ingredient slots so as to add further results.

Each time you improve one of many three choices out there, the next enhancement on the identical line will price you extra. In complete, you want 18 Alchemy Enhancers to improve a potion totally.

How To Use Potion Ingredients

potion ingredients in thymesia

During your journey within the Hermes Kingdom, you’ll be able to even discover totally different elements to boost your potions. They could be obtained from enemies, identical to the Alchemy Enhancers, however on this case, one kill doesn’t guarantee you’re going to get an ingredient every time.

Ingredients have a number of attention-grabbing results: Sage, for instance, additional will increase the quantity of health you get well, whereas Cinnamon will increase the injury dealt to enemies for half a minute. Thyme, as an alternative, permits you to acquire some vitality again. If you mix three elements accurately, you’ll be able to unlock as much as eight recipes to your potions.

If you continue to have troubles with Thymesia, you’ll be able to learn our newbie’s guide right here and likewise uncover the most effective skills to unlock early within the game.

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