The Hanged Queen is Thymesia’s second boss (if you happen to don’t rely Varg, which isn’t meant to be overwhelmed through the tutorial). She is ready for you on the finish of the Royal Garden, however most likely, you received’t discover her as tough as Odur the Ringmaster.

This monster has just one health bar, and her assaults are simpler to keep away from, however she nonetheless offers you vital harm if she hits you. Moreover, she will replenish a few of her green and white health by absorbing blood from the bottom, so that you may want extra time to beat her. However, if you happen to want some assist in defeating The Hanged Queen boss in Thymesia, we’ve the correct guide for you.

The Hanged Queen: Boss Overview

the hanged queen in thymesia

The Hanged Queen is insanely massive, however you shouldn’t be frightened by her dimension. You can simply keep away from most of her assaults, as she will not be the quickest enemy you’ll meet throughout your journey within the Hermes Kingdom. This boss battle develops in a single section solely, so you want to defeat The Hanged Queen as soon as, attempting to counter her therapeutic skills as shortly as you possibly can, and then you definitely’re carried out with this stage. You can even get hold of an excellent quantity of Memory Shards when you kill her.

The Hanged Queen: Moveset and Strategies

the hanged queen is the second boss in thymesia

This mutated bat will usually attempt to hit you by swinging both of her arms in direction of Corvus. The assault will deal you vital harm if you happen to get caught, however you possibly can keep away from it by dodging to the alternative facet of the arm that The Hanged Queen has used to assault you. She regularly leaps into the air and slams her physique to the bottom in your path. This one can be dodged simply by predicting where she is going to land and moving away.

The Hanged Queen can even attempt to chunk Corvus, and you’ll discover she is about to take action when she strikes her head again after which shortly assaults you. However, you possibly can keep away from it by dodging both backward or sideways, as you’ll discover ways to acknowledge this move after a couple of tries and may have sufficient time to run away. This monster additionally depends on ranged assaults, as she is going to begin inhaling air after which screaming in your path, throwing an enormous projectile at you. This offensive might be simply predicted as nicely, as you will note it coming and immediately acknowledge it. You can dodge sideways to keep away from taking any harm.

You have to be cautious when she is about to make use of her final. The Hanged Queen will immediately scream and fly within the air, wrapping her wings round herself. Then, she is going to trigger an enormous explosion overlaying a good portion of the world beneath her. You should act as quick as doable if you see it coming as a result of you’ll be closely broken if caught, dropping greater than 150 health factors. Try to get as removed from her as doable, utilizing the Long Dodge expertise, as this offensive assault can’t be deflected in any method.

When you see the Royal Garden’s boss therapeutic herself along with her distinctive capacity, attain her and begin attacking the monster. You will mitigate the health regeneration, and she or he is not going to attempt to hit you till she is finished with that. Remember to make use of your Claw to stop her green health bar from regenerating. This capacity will solely heal a reasonable portion of her HP bar, so harm her as a lot as you possibly can and hold attacking her at any time when you could have the possibility. Otherwise, she is going to slowly however inevitably achieve all her health again.

Tips For Winning The Fight Against The Hanged Queen

strategies to beat the hanged queen in thymesia

After a couple of rounds in opposition to The Hanged Queen in Thymesia, you’ll study all her strikes and timings, so you possibly can dodge them fairly simply. Her final is the one assault you want to be extra cautious with, as you possibly can die if you happen to get caught and don’t have sufficient health. If you make the correct strikes, this battle might be accomplished efficiently in a couple of minutes, so put together to hit her everytime you get the possibility and use your Claw to chop her green health bar.

Don’t let her treatment herself, or you’ll have a tougher time with this battle. Hit her with quick and efficient Saber assaults, and bear in mind to make use of your Plague Weapon. The Halberd is a good match for this battle, because it lands a fast sequence of stabs and offers a good quantity of injury. The Whip can be good as it’ll assist to shut the hole between you and the monster, letting you employ your Claw instantly after.

If you’re feeling you must stage up additional earlier than beginning this boss battle in Thymesia, you possibly can farm Memory Shards within the library close by, utilizing the Beacon subsequent to The Hanged Queen’s enviornment as a base. You will get hold of about 1500 reminiscences every time you kill all of the enemies on this space. And if you happen to really feel uncertain about the very best skills to make use of in opposition to the Royal Garden’s boss, we advocate unlocking the Long Dodge, as you’ll escape from most assaults, and the Long Claw, because it offers considerably extra harm to the green health bar.

After efficiently defeating The Hanged Queen, you’ll get hold of The Hanged Queen’s Core, a Forgotten Feather, and 4800 Memory Shards.

And if you happen to nonetheless want some assist with Thymesia, we’ve listed the very best skills to unlock early within the game and defined methods to use Plague Weapons.

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