Warning: this guide incorporates main spoilers of the game, so in case you haven’t completed Thymesia but, learn it at your personal danger.

Corvus is the final boss you’ll face in the primary storyline, and he’s a troublesome one to beat. This enemy is basically you, so he strikes quick, is aware of your strikes nicely, and makes use of them in opposition to you. He has numerous Plague Weapons at his disposal, dodges ceaselessly, and assaults you together with his Claw.

Corvus is an clever enemy, all the time able to counter-attack and provide you with a tough time through the struggle. Moreover, the fight develops in two phases, so you need to empty his health bar twice to defeat him in Thymesia. Fortunately, the battleground is huge, and you’ll have sufficient area to keep away from his assaults by parring or dodging them. However, if you’re caught at this stage, you’ll find recommendations on beating Corvus in our guide.

Corvus: Boss Overview

corvus is the final boss of thymesia

Your doppelganger is aware of nicely how one can struggle and has a variety of strikes at his disposal. From the fundamental ones, such because the Saber and Claw assaults, to his stronger ones, executed with an enormous vary of Plague Weapons, he offers you a tough time battling him. To stand an opportunity in opposition to Corvus, you want to understand how every assault works completely and how one can counter it. Otherwise, he’ll simply kill you in minutes, if not seconds.

Thymesia’s Final Boss Moveset and Strategies

strategies to beat the final boss in thymesia

During the primary section of the struggle in opposition to Corvus within the Ocean of Memories, he’ll use numerous assaults. He will ceaselessly attempt to hit you with quick Saber combos, however you possibly can counter them by deflecting them. After all, that is additionally your base assault, and also you most likely have used it numerous instances by now, so you must know the timings nicely. Corvus can even throw a feather, sprint in your path, and assault you. You can keep away from that by both throwing a feather at your doppelganger once you see he’s about to do the identical or dodge it and anticipate it to method, then deflect his assault and begin hitting him with quick combos and your Claw. The latter possibility is more difficult to execute, as there are possibilities that you simply received’t be capable to deflect his assault in time, however in case you get the right timing, you can begin beating Corvus immediately.

He can even ceaselessly use his Claw to land highly effective combos, and you want to watch out about their timings as a result of, whereas the primary Claw assault is straightforward to deflect, those that comply with have delays that may be tough to foretell. However, in case you efficiently handle that, you possibly can counter-attack your doppelganger successfully, dealing him some good injury.

You have to be very cautious of his Plague Weapons assaults, as they’ll considerably injury you in case you get caught. Corvus ceaselessly makes use of the Spear to land three-hit combos, however you possibly can keep away from it by deflecting or dodging. Handaxe assaults are additionally comparatively straightforward to parry, and also you shouldn’t have many difficulties doing that. However, be cautious when he makes use of the Bow as a result of the arrows deal a lot injury. Don’t attempt to deflect them; as a substitute, dodge sideways. The Scythe is one other Plague Weapon that he ceaselessly summons, and its timings could be tough to learn within the first place. Try to maintain a good distance once you see it doing so.

When you discover a crimson mild coming from him, dodge as quick as you possibly can, utilizing the Long Dodge expertise in case you have geared up it in Thymesia, and attempt to attain a secure distance from the boss. He will carry out a essential assault that can not be dodged or deflected as soon as executed, so the one technique to keep away from being hit is to run away from him.

During the second section of the battle, his customary strikes won’t change a lot. Instead, he’ll use the choice assaults tied to every Plague Weapon he has. They could be harder to keep away from or deflect, so guarantee you might have sufficient potions left. Alternatively, you possibly can equip the Blood Storm as your second Plague Weapon so to heal your self with that as nicely.

Tips for Winning the Fight Against Corvus

strategies to beat corvus in thymesia

The remaining boss battle in Thymesia is difficult and punishing, as you may think for a soulslike game. However, do not forget that Corvus’ assaults are nothing new in the long run, as they’re your strikes as nicely, and you’ve got carried out them many instances through the story. You want to recollect every timing completely and grasp the deflecting methods you might have already realized. After all, you wouldn’t have gotten to date within the game in case you didn’t know how one can play.

We advocate you equip the Bow for this struggle so you might have an opportunity hit him from a distance after which minimize his green health bar along with your Claw. The Halberd can also be match as a result of it offers a good quantity of harm. However, if you wish to profit from an additional dose of therapeutic through the battle, you possibly can all the time equip the Blood Storm as your second Plague Weapon, which turns plague power into HP.

And if you wish to achieve some additional Memory Shards to stage up additional earlier than beginning this struggle, you possibly can learn our guide right here. You may discover all of the potion recipes out there in Thymesia and learn to use Plague Weapons at their greatest on Wccftech.

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