Thymesia may be difficult and unforgiving, even for knowledgeable gamers. This game will in all probability offer you a tough time right from the start as a result of it’s essential to develop into acquainted with the game mechanics, however most of all, as a result of you’ll meet the primary actual boss, Odur.

This enemy strikes shortly, has quick assaults, can hit you from a distance, and has two fight phases. If you haven’t paid sufficient consideration to the game’s interface and suppose that when you’ve overwhelmed it for the primary time, you’re carried out, you’ll be immediately confirmed improper. Odur’s health bar will replenish, and the boss will develop into much more aggressive.

You want to review his devastating strikes fastidiously, attempting to maintain a protected distance and deflecting them when he approaches, nevertheless it received’t be a straightforward job. Luckily, now we have already carried out the exhausting work, so right here’s our guide for defeating Odur in Thymesia.

Odur the Ringmaster: Boss Overview

odur in thymesia

Odur’s assaults are insanely quick and deal a variety of harm. He is provided with a cane sword and a deck of playing cards that he throws at you from a distance. He additionally depends closely on his kicks, which might hit you very quickly. This boss struggle develops in two phases, with the second being way more difficult than the primary.

Odur Boss Fight: Moveset and Strategies

strategies to beat odur in thymesia

One of the most typical assaults carried out by Odur is the one with its cane sword, which he’ll swing two instances in direction of you after which intention to stab you with. You can deflect or dodge it twice (be sure to have unlocked the Short Dodge expertise earlier than beginning the struggle), however parrying its strikes will make it simpler so that you can counter assaults. He additionally lands highly effective kicks in speedy succession, holding his hat with one hand. If you efficiently dodge them, the boss can be weak for a short while, so you’ll have time to wreck him.

When his health bar is close to 60% or so within the first section, he’ll move backward and begin throwing playing cards at you. You can simply dodge them when you be taught his timings and begin moving in direction of him so you possibly can carry out quick Saber assaults or harm him together with your outfitted Plague Weapon. We suggest you utilize the Hammer because it offers good harm and wounds, or the Halberd, which can land three consecutive jabs. If you’ve got already unlocked the Plague Weapon Lv2 expertise, you should utilize two Plague Weapons in the course of the struggle, alternating them based mostly on the scenario.

After efficiently defeating Odur within the first section of the struggle, you’ll face him once more within the second, harder section. His assaults can be sooner, and he’ll regularly carry out a five-hit combo, which can enormously harm you should you don’t efficiently deflect his strikes. However, should you succeed, you’ll have the time to assault him as he’ll cease and recuperate for just a few seconds. During this section, Odur can even carry out his final assault, which can’t be deflected nor dodged. As quickly as you see a pink line coming from him, attempt to get so far as doable from the Ringmaster. If you get caught, you’ll take a variety of harm from that, and should you don’t have greater than half of your health bar stuffed up, you’ll die. Keep your distance anyway, as even should you don’t get caught by his final assault, it should finish with an explosion that covers an unlimited portion of the battleground.

Tips For Winning The Fight Against Odur

strategies to beat the first boss in thymesia

Whenever you see an open spot, carry out quick Saber assault combos so you’ll slowly however inevitably take away his white health. After that, you have to use your Claw to wreck your enemy’s wounds and reduce his green health bar, as effectively. As for Plague Weapons, you’d both equip the Hammer or the Halberd (or each, if in case you have unlocked the Plague Weapons Lv2 expertise) and use them each time doable. Ensure you understand how to successfully deflect enemy assaults earlier than beginning the boss struggle. If not, you need to observe within the close by space till you are feeling assured sufficient.

If you are feeling too weak and wish to unlock different skills first, take your time to farm Memory Shards within the Sea of Trees and begin the boss struggle when prepared. The enemies close to the final Beacon of this stage will grant you about 1000 recollections in a couple of minutes every time you full your route.

And should you nonetheless want some recommendations on taking part in Thymesia, you will discover our newbie’s guide right here.

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