The idea of thinking “I can do that” is common among consumers who know what they like and believe that many others like the same thing. This also applies to streamers, three of whom are working together to make an entirely new game. The streamers in question are Shroud, Sacriel, and Splash Damage, who are all taking some time to start development on what they’re currently calling Project Astrid. The details surrounding the game are still unfolding themselves, but all involved seem quite excited to talk about and hopefully reveal more about it in the coming months.

Project Astrid: A Game by Streamers

It’s finally happening…

We’re making a game.

— Michael Grzesiek (@shroud) March 16, 2023

Streaming is one of the most-watched activities online, with people like Shroud and Sacriel making careers out of it. You also have groups like Splash Damage that use the platform to work on games in addition to playing them. As a result, these like-minded streamers have come together to work on Project Astrid, a new game.

According to the information provided by Forbes, the game will follow the strict rule of not having any NFTs. This is in response to many games that have come out with a reliance on NFT purchasing which can be quite expensive over time. They’re connected to the microtransaction system and it’ll be pleasing to many to have a game that doesn’t use it.

Project Astrid is a new announcement but is still in its earliest stages. It’s clear that development has only just begun, because any material surrounding the game is not very detailed. The most details come from a tweet made on Shroud’s Twitter, showcasing the three streamers discussing the game. It shows their ambition in trying to make “the best game ever” but it’s not clear what it will be. Based on what’s discussed it, will be a shooter with survival elements. These are two of the most popular gaming elements, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with them.

Streamers are among the highest-ranked internet celebrities and sometimes they put what they’ve earned into new projects. Shroud and Sacriel are joining the professional team Splash Damage to work on Project Astrid, and many will be watching its development.

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