Image through Monster Hunter YouTube

Capcom has launched the second batch of weapon trailers for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak showcasing the enlargement’s new Switch Skill Swap mechanic. This time, we’ve got been given a have a look at the Switch Skill Swap skills coming to the Great Sword, Hammer, and Insect Glaive. This contains new Skillbind strikes and Skills for the totally different weapon varieties.

Following on from the Switch Skill Swap skills of the Heavy Bowgun, Switch Axe, and Sword & Shield, Capcom has given us a have a look at three extra weapon sort upgrades in Sunbreak. Below, you’ll be able to see the Great Sword, Hammer, and Insect Glaive Switch Skill Swap skills in motion.

The Great Sword’s new Silkbind Attack is the Strongarm Stance. This new approach makes use of Ironsilk and reinforces your arms and weapon for a short lived block to all assaults. That can undoubtedly change the tide of battle. A brand new Surge Slash Combo and Rage Slash have additionally been added to the weapon sort.

The Hammer has been upgraded with a brand new Silkbind Attack: Impact Burst. Impact Burst provides a shockwave to charged assaults for a time frame. This will make monsters flinch extra simply. A brand new Spinning Bludgeon: Charge assault has been added to the weapon sort, as nicely.

Finally, the Insect Glaive has the brand new Awakened Kinsect Attack. This new Silkbind assault lets you throw a Kinsect to inflict “massive damage.” The weapon sort additionally has one other commonplace assault in Kinsect Slash, which will be mixed with the Awakened Kinsect Attack with devastating impact.

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The new Switch Skill Swap capability was initially revealed within the game’s May digital occasion. You’ll be capable to Switch your Skills throughout a hunt, with two out there to equip directly for every mission. The capability to modify expertise on the fly is only one a part of the huge listing of upgrades and additions on the way in which as a part of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak enlargement.