Want For Pace Unbound is a reasonably easy game: you win races, earn a living, and purchase new vehicles that you just use to win additional races. So on and so forth. That mentioned, should you’re bored with the grind and simply need some money or a cool automotive to race right off the bat, there’s an exploit that may enable you get them.

This Want For Pace Unbound cash glitch depends on the game’s save system, and solely works with races that function a cutscene on the finish of them. It is also probably that it will be patched earlier than too lengthy, so if you wish to make some cash, I might be fast about it.

Tips on how to use the Want For Pace Unbound cash glitch 

Want For Pace Unbound’s gameplay works on a weekly system, where finishing day by day races and returning to the storage will advance your calendar till you attain a qualifying race on the seventh day. It’s important to grind money throughout the week to afford the buy-in for the qualifying race, and the game expects you to do that for 4 separate weeks. 

Nonetheless, by profiting from Want For Pace Unbound’s save system, you possibly can repeatedly participate within the qualifying race to grind cash, letting you afford the qualifier buy-ins on subsequent weeks with no bother. The important thing to creating this work is to give up the game as quickly because the cutscene begins to point out on the finish of the match. First, you will be proven the automotive you received and informed your reward, then the cutscene will play right after it.

In case you load again into the game, you need to have the rewards, however you will nonetheless be capable of race the qualifier once more, since Want For Pace Unbound will not have saved your progress. Rinse and repeat as many occasions as you wish to earn infinite cash. Till it is patched, that’s. If you wish to see the total factor in motion, this video by DPJ might help: