What if a VR headset did extra than simply hold your digital enterprise assembly in a rainforest with goofy avatars? What if when you’re within the metaverse, uh, metaversing, your VR headset was able to scanning your mind and physique for beneficial info? That’s what Brooklyn-based neurotech firm, OpenBCI, is hoping to do within the open beta of its new VR headset.

The Varjo Aero is a pro-grade VR and XR (prolonged actuality) headset that claims to be the “world’s first device that simultaneously measures the user’s heart, skin, muscles, eyes, and brain.” The headset will work on the Galea, a software program and {hardware} platform that makes use of brain-computer interfacing know-how to work on head-mounted shows. 

At a look, the Varjo Aero seems to be like a typical wi-fi VR headset, however the Galea model of the headset provides a collection of dry, soft-polymer EEG electrodes together with a headscarf and facepad. All designed to gather all kinds of details about your physique if you use the headset that’s fed to the Galea software program. 

Vargo says all of the sensors “dramatically simplifies the process of collecting tightly-synchronized data from the body and unlocks new techniques for anyone looking to objectively measure user experiences and cognitive states.”

OpenBCI is hoping builders can use the SDKs for the Galea-powered headsets to work on numerous purposes from gaming to medical fields with Varjo Aero’s means to assemble biometric knowledge. In concept, it will let builders do issues like see heart-rate spike throughout a scary little bit of a horror game or mind exercise throughout a puzzle game. 

“Ultimately, I see the combination of neurotechnology and mixed reality as the future of personal computers,” says CEO of OpenBCI, Conor Russomanno. “We’ve been watching carefully as neuroscience, BCI, and consumer technology have converged over the past several years.” 

The Varjo Aero is on the market for pre-order without delay for $1990. If you are trying to embrace a full-on combined actuality expertise, Varjo sells the XR-3 for virtually $6,000 which comes outfitted with a high-quality digital camera.