Regardless of its extremely grim ambiance and extremely violence, the throwback FPS Hrot stays one of many funniest video games I’ve ever performed. You may play the piano, learn your Lenin, kiss portraits of Czechoslovakian president Gustáv Husák (who can be the second episode’s last boss), and play an in-game clone of Game & Watch primarily based on the Soviet cartoon, Nu, Pogodi!

That ribald humorousness is alive and properly in our first preview of Hrot’s third and last act, Gastroscopy. After releasing Episode 2: The Degustation this summer season, solo developer Spytihněv has been laborious at work on the game’s conclusion, and so they dropped a demo of types for it on November 27: E3M3, Roztyly.

Roztyly is a tightly wound knot of a stage, having you criss-cross backwards and forwards over a reasonably constrained horizontal house as you ascend from some dank sewers up by way of an house block then out and again down by way of an industrial space to exit the extent. To this point, Episode 3 has but to introduce new weapons or enemies, however Roztyly’s sense of outside verticality is a pleasant change of tempo in comparison with earlier maps.

I’m additionally extremely keen on the lovable little mannequin prepare set stashed away in one of many flats. It is totally useful too, letting you regulate the velocity of the trains as they zoom by way of a miniaturized slice of Czech countryside⁠—a chilled reprieve from intense shooting by way of a beige-and-brown fever dream, and I am a sucker for these little interactable gags Spytihněv sprinkles all through the degrees.

I will be to see the general route Spytihněv takes with Episode 3. I used to be an enormous fan of the setting shift in The Degustation, which did away with Episode 1’s city environments in favor of extra rustic, virtually pagan locales like a gothic fortress or a witch’s farm (E2M7: Granny’s Valley.) Roztyly might simply match into Episode 1’s milieu, however I believe Gastroscopy nonetheless has loads of surprises in retailer for its full launch. You may wishlist Hrot or test it out in early entry on Steam.