FromSoftware’s video games have impressed a number of dataminers wanting to reconstruct their secrets and techniques and lower content material. YouTuber Crest has been dissecting the video games for years, exploring the game in each doable approach since Darkish Souls’ developer model leaked in 2014. Notably, Crest breaks out of bounds to convey new views on the video games’ worlds, in addition to close-up views of FromSoft’s evocative background property.

Most just lately, Crest did a tour of the Boletarian city in Demon’s Souls, a far-off walled metropolis you possibly can observe from the heights of World 1, the Boletarian Palace. Crest and fellow modder Thens created an enlarged model of the faraway city with added collision detection, permitting you to stroll by way of and study it up shut by way of the usage of their mod.

FromSoft’s haunting cityscapes have all the time captured my creativeness, and the Boletarian fortress city specifically resembles one thing out of Berserk or Drakengard. It appears to have had a whole lot of thought put into its format as nicely: the city’s organized round a romanesque church, small fort, and their attending plazas, and it has wider thoroughfares chopping by way of denser residential areas.

You could have run into Crest’s work prior to now with the modder’s exploration of the streets of Anor Londo, and so they just lately endeavored to upscale the textures in that out-of-bounds space for nearer examination. 

The streets of Anor Londo have all the time fascinated me since you get that placing, iconic first have a look at this metropolis of the gods, whereas your explorations are restricted to simply two cathedrals and their quick environment floating over town. Crest’s out-of-bounds demos of Anor Londo fulfill this lingering curiosity I’ve all the time had, and it is fascinating to see this set dressing figuring out that it (in idea) would grow to be Irythill of the Boreal Valley in Darkish Souls 3.

Again in March, Crest demonstrated an upscaled model of the unnamed village seen from Firelink Shrine in Darkish Souls, an space that does not fairly correspond to anyplace you possibly can discover within the game. It is so detailed as to nearly seem to be a low-LoD model of a playable space, however it’s positively not the Undead Burg or New Londo. It stays a type of unsolved mysteries within the game, however at the least now you possibly can ponder it up shut.

“I actually like how detailed these ‘hidden elements’ are,” the modder informed us. “It is all the time thrilling to discover these locations for the primary time—they’re usually simply regular on a regular basis locations that individuals used to dwell in just like the decrease a part of Anor Londo. It brings a whole lot of life to the universe and that is one thing that we do not get to see whereas taking part in usually.”

Crest has a Patreon and Ko-fi for these all for supporting their work, and you’ll observe the modder on Twitter and YouTube.