Soviets, Allies, GDI, Nod, and the Scrin: 5 factions from the historical past of Command & Conquer that franchise followers can not help however acknowledge. There’s one drawback: They’re unfold throughout two completely different sequence—the Pink Alert video games and the Tiberian universe. Since 2018, one mod has sought to do the unthinkable: Smash ’em all collectively into one large, vicious brawl.

Command & Conquer: Mixed Arms is simply that mod. Full with singleplayer missions, cooperative multiplayer missions, and the crown jewel of C&C, multiplayer skirmish, Mixed Arms makes use of the OpenRA engine to recreate factions and models from the spectrum of C&C titles in stretching all the best way to Tiberian Solar and Pink Alert 2. Soviet Kirovs? Completely. GDI Titan mechs? Sure. The Grand Cannon? For positive. It additionally updates the unique Command & Conquer timeline factions with the improve timber that the Pink Alert video games launched—stuff like Tech Facilities, Assist powers, and Navies.

Mixed Arms launched an update simply final week that provides an entire pile of recent options, artworks, and sounds. It is frankly wonderful stuff when you grew up on the pixelated tanks and FMV period of RTS video games, watching models from video games separated by years of time . They’ve additionally built-in a whole unit update system to allow you to retrofit present models 

It is completely wild, to be sincere, that this frankly historic engine helps this on trendy {hardware}. However it does, as a result of the workforce creating OpenRA—a free and open source model of the unique Pink Alert engine—have put in thankless hours to allow others to have enjoyable. (I’ll additionally comfortably say that the launched to the general public work which went into Command & Conquer Remastered got here up right here too.)

Go forward over to Moddb and download Command & Conquer: Mixed Arms. Anyway, time to spin up Hell March (or Hell March 2 or Hell March 3) and construct some harvesters. Good spot, PCGN.