Whether or not or not we see one other Half-Life game after the wonderful Half-Life: Alyx is solely right down to the capricious whims of Valve, however one factor we may be certain of is that it will not be within the type of Half-Life 2: Episode Three. For starters, merely an excessive amount of time has handed for Valve to make one other easy growth to Half-Life 2. However there’s additionally the actual fact Half-Life 2’s author, Marc Laidlaw, launched his imaginative and prescient for the story of that elusive ultimate episode.

That mentioned, we’d, simply may, get to see Laidlaw’s imaginative and prescient for Half-Life’s concluding chapter in videogame kind. Enter Infinite Finality, a brand new Half-Life 2 mod that’s primarily based upon the “Epistle 3” plot define that Laidlaw launched again in 2017.

For individuals who do not know, Laidlaw’s plot abstract for Epistle 3 centred across the Borealis, the mysterious cargo ship glimpsed via a TV display towards the top of Half-Life 2. In accordance with Epistle 3, the following chapter of Half-Life 2’s story would have seen Gordon and Alyx travelling to the Borealis, where because of the ship’s reference to Black Mesa’s rival company Aperture Science, some unusual interdimensional shenanigans would have occurred.

The venture introduced its existence again in April, and work seems to be persevering with apace. Early photos of the mod show rugged, icy maps laced with the mix’s distinctive structure, alongside some stranger-looking environments indicative of the Borealis’ extra surrealist results. They’ve additionally created new skins for the mix and zombies to raised go well with the arctic setting, and even given Alyx some extra weather-appropriate apparel, which is thoughtful.

(Picture credit score: Valve, Crew HyberBorea)

It is price noting that this is not the primary time a bunch of fans have tried to complete Valve’s game for them. Venture Borealis, an much more bold try and recreate Episode 3 from Laidlaw’s define, began up not lengthy after Laidlaw initially posted the plot abstract on-line. The Borealis workforce has been very quiet over the past couple of years, however progress is seemingly nonetheless ongoing, with the workforce trying to fill “short-term positions” again in 2022.

The Infinite Finality devs particularly reference Borealis of their FAQ, stating, “we cannot attempt to be as bold as Venture Borealis is” and saying “all the things shall be launched” even within the occasion that the venture would not see completion. The workforce’s additionally at the moment on the hunt for programmers.