Mossfield Origins is a bit metropolis builder on the best way that intends to ship bites of the style to those that may not have time to sit down down for 100-hour save recordsdata. Mossfield Origins will deal with constructing self-sustaining communities and exploring a story round your metropolis. It looks as if an fascinating one, as characters within the trailer indicate that whereas they arrived where they’re for one cause… they’re “not doing that anymore.”

“We love builder games big and small! With a rise of comfortable handheld gaming and no time for many hour tutorials or 100 hour save files (work, parenting…) we wanted a snack-sized relaxing experience with a bit of depth that more people can see the end of,” developer Ruby Ruze  of Studio Any Percent instructed Eurogamer.

Part of Mossfield Origins can also be cleansing up the mess left by earlier inhabitants of the land you now dwell on. “We’ve come here to undo some of the harm done by those before us. We’ll dismantle their abandoned research facilities and re-purpose their technology to do so,” says the official description.

You can discover Mossfield Origins on Studio Any Percent’s web site and on Steam.