Have you ever ever needed to run a startup firm centered on a product simulating and fixing issues for the common pirate? Issues of complicated ship maneuvering, avoiding crashes, and taking hold of your aims with a agency hand? Have you ever ever needed to show this product for buyers in an effort to obtain the returns solely excessive threat, excessive reward West Indian Coast enterprise capitalism can present?

In fact you have not, that is approach too particular, however because of developer chapliboy now you can reside out simply that exactly piratical fantasy in Konkan Coast Pirate Options, a puzzle game out this previous week that takes a extremely enjoyable programming mechanic and combines it with very endearing presentation.

It is a traditional puzzler setup where the ships will routinely move ahead one step at a time, however you’ll be able to place down turns, twists, and stops to have them behave specifically methods. Puzzling out these behaviors and interactions is the important thing to beating puzzles: When will ships comply with one another? When will they drop their earlier command to choose up a brand new one?

It is a puzzle game about considering and determining the logic slightly than following a sample. It is tremendous wealthy in eureka moments, reminding me of Robo Rally or the like over anything. I sat down and performed it for about two extra hours than I used to be imagined to, which I feel speaks fairly extremely for its high quality as a puzzler.

Every of the puzzles in KCPS is hand-crafted, and associate with a extremely cheery little tongue-in-cheek story about your pirates’ bizarre little startup utilizing their fancy prediction engine to assist different pirates resolve complicated piracy points. It is a mixture of setting and tone I might by no means have considered and that makes it fairly pleasant.

So, prepare for tailwinds and be careful for icebergs, it is time to do some pirating. You will discover Konkan Coast Pirate Options on Steam.