There’s a second on this Warhammer 40,000: Darktide trailer that I believe succinctly sums up this videogame. The participant holds their chainsaw sword in entrance of them to dam an incoming strike from a mutant-looking dude dressed like he is about to battle Mad Max in Thunderdome, then retaliates with a charged-up slash, ultimately sawing him in half. Three skulls hooked up to the mutant’s belt—presumably his most prized posessions—shake round as he flops to the bottom.

The factor is, this isn’t an enormous second. It’s three seconds in a two minute trailer. But it is bought mainly every part it wants: skulls, chainswords, mutant bisections, skulls. This continues to be a Fatshark game, each bit as weighty and bloody as Vermintide 2 however set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, as confirmed by a totally inconsequential second on this trailer involving a man being casually sawed in half.

All these three seconds are lacking is the weapons, and the remainder of the trailer has these in ample provide. There’s the Ogryn’s shotgun, which appears extra like a semi-automatic cannon. There’s a lasgun with a scope that appears like it will be right at house in Call of Duty, aside from the half where it fires lasers. There’s a second where a mage concentrates their energy onto a hulking brute’s head and pops it like a balloon, which technically would not contain a gun however it’s a ranged assault so I’m counting it.

It’s an excellent two minutes of carnage, and a reminder that Darktide is tantalizingly shut however nonetheless frustratingly far-off. The co-op FPS is out on September 13 on each Steam and Xbox Game Pass.