PC instances as of late are all about exhibiting off: tempered glass panels, RGB lighting, smooth metallic designs like alien spacecraft, the works. Many builders, nonetheless, buck the tendencies so as to create essentially the most ludicrous “sleeper PCs” with excessive finish {hardware} cloaked in outdated or unassuming instances, like some sort of warrior monk incognito.

Enter YouTuber Tech By Matt’s Ryzen, RTX gaming PC within the, uh, hottest small type issue chassis round: the OG Xbox 360 case. Those unique mannequin 360s had been decimated by the Red Ring of Death, a {hardware} failure introduced on by the console’s poor air flow frying the parts with extreme temps. In an act of hubris out of a Greek tragedy, Matt gutted his childhood console that is survived since ’09 and changed the innards with larger, stronger, hotter parts that had been by no means meant to squeeze in there.

He largely hollowed out the within of the console and even a little bit little bit of a kind of curved, fancy-looking arduous drive expansions you possibly can get (it is simply a regular 2.5″ HDD buried in there on the finish of the day) to make room for all of the parts. Demonstrating admirable consideration to element, Matt did resolder and rewire the entrance daughter board of the console, leaving it trying a little bit just like the Pokémon Tangela but additionally permitting the facility button and green LEDs to work with the brand new system.

The PC inside is operating a Ryzen R50 5600x processor, RTX 3060 graphics card, and 32 GB of RAM. There was no query of cramming an influence provide in there, so Matt opted for the same resolution to the unique 360⁠’s lethal bludgeon of an exterior energy brick, on this case a gaming laptop computer charger hooked as much as an inner energy converter within the console.

The finish result’s cosy and scorching like a cabin on a chilly winter’s morn. It runs video games in addition to you’d anticipate from current-gen {hardware}, however it additionally clocks GPU temps north of 80° Celsius, and CPU temps constantly within the mid to excessive 90s. Matt mused about probably rigging up some increased depth server followers⁠—the identical resolution that saved YouTuber Shank Mods’ Hot Wheels PC⁠—however for now the builder’s saying mission achieved. If you are eager about different tasks by Matt⁠—like the same construct in a Gamecube chassis⁠— you may take a look at his YouTube channel.

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Internals of Xbox 360 gaming PC demonstrating cooling, graphics, motherboard all squished together in very close proximity.

The extraordinarily cramped internals of the X360 gaming PC (Image credit score: Tech by Matt on YouTube)
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Front daughter board of the Xbox 360 modified to work with PC, significant amount of cables drooping from it like a squid's tentacles.

The jerry-rigged daughter board permitting the facility button for use. (Image credit score: Tech by Matt on YouTube)
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Xbox 360 with swapped internals in foreground, hands on keyboard and mouse playing Valorant on monitor in background.

The completed product in motion. (Image credit score: Tech by Matt on YouTube)