Darkish Souls: Archthrones, an bold complete conversion mod for Darkish Souls 3, obtained its first substantial gameplay trailer on January 4. The 15-minute video reveals off three ranges from the mod, in addition to the workforce’s strategy to combining remixed content material from all through the Soulsborne video games with new, bespoke property.

The gameplay trailer begins within the Rainswept Outpost, Archthrones’ personal “it’s a must to die on this tutorial earlier than reaching the hub space” stage. Fittingly, it ends with a gnarly HD homage to Demon’s Souls’ Vanguard, full with oozing bug eyes and spider legs sprouting out of its chest. Upon getting predictably pancaked by the beefy boy, the participant wakes up within the Nexus of Embers, a green, warmly-lit redux of DS3’s Firelink Shrine. 

It jogs my memory of the Ringed Metropolis’s look, or else these ruins ranges from 2D Sonic video games. Curiously, the Sculptor from Sekiro could be noticed hanging out right here, presumably functioning as a service provider, and the titular Archthrones all have the Golden Order Greatsword from Elden Ring as warp factors to the person ranges.

In an enormous ole’ “Leo Dicaprio pointing excitedly on the display screen” second, the second stage showcased is the Ruins of Blue, aka Heide’s Tower of Flame from Darkish Souls 2, ported to DS3’s engine and given a stormy makeover. 

This gameplay additionally reveals that Archthrones will sport a variation on Elden Ring’s guard counter mechanic, with the participant’s protect flashing on blocking blows from a wandering Heide Knight. Within the Dragon Rider’s boss room from DS2, the participant as a substitute finds an agile, crow-themed miniboss with the moveset of the Nightjar Ninja from Sekiro (you understand, the wooooo guys.)

The extent then diverges from DS2, with the trail to No Man’s Wharf as a substitute main up into a brand new tower behind the unique stage. On the high, the participant enters an area seemingly lifted from the underside of Irithyll Dungeon and encounters the Disgraced Knight, a boss with Iudex Gundyr’s moveset, a recent coat of paint, and some shock tips like tossing out Estus-blocking Lloyd’s Talismans.

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sunlight dappled autumn glade

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View of Cathedral of Blue in Archthrones

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Underground ruins with a night sky over them somehow

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Stormy ruins of blue over churning ocean, lone archway with fog gate

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Knight with axe doing battle with armored foe

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The final stage proven is the Struggle-Torn Village, an autumnal reskin of DS3’s Undead Settlement with new enemies and an alternate path by means of the extent. After warding off a Bloodborne Executioner reskinned to appear to be Basuzo, the participant enters the Curse Rotted Greatwood’s area and finds the Angelic Wall Guardian, a riff on the primary Darkish Souls’ Iron Golem with some new monitoring projectile assaults.

The entire thing jogs my memory most of basic rom hacks like Kaizo Mario or Undertale creator Toby Fox’s Earthbound Halloween Hack. There is a ton of potential in making a form of Darkish Souls Grasp Quest out of pre-existing content material, and Archthrones is additional elevated by its customized artwork, fashions, lighting, and music.

If the notion of a Darkish Souls complete conversion sounds acquainted, you are most likely pondering of Dusk, a similarly-impressive upcoming fanmade sequel to Darkish Souls 1. Archthrones at the moment has no launch date, however you may comply with the mod’s progress on YouTube and help its creators on Patreon.