I’ve to be sincere right here, AI artwork bots like DALL-E scare the hell out of me, our overly sanguine tech mavericks as soon as once more asserting, “Man creating a thinking machine in his own image is rad as hell, actually!” These little man-made horrors past our comprehension have given us one unambiguous reward, nevertheless: some completely chic shitposts.

Case in level: this collection of AI-generated Dukes Nukem from the thoughts of 3D artist @donhonk on Twitter and the thrumming, unthinking creation engine that’s Midjourney. Inspired by the tireless Dukeposting of Twitter fixture, @KinoFabino and the current leak of the 2001 construct of Duke Nukem Forever, donhonk set about producing some actually tousled Dukes.

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This first spherical actually units the tone. That one within the backside left with Duke dealing with away from the digicam, “Forever” embroidered on the again of his jacket truly goes kinda exhausting, all issues thought of. Slightly human contact and it could possibly be a poster or field artwork for a Duke revival, perhaps. That portrait within the prime left although? You cannot persuade me that is not only a conservative British politician sporting sun shades. I’d verify with our colleagues throughout the pond, however they’re all on bloody vacation for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (innit).

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“Aging Tory staring down an office harassment scandal” actually appears to be Midjourney’s touchstone for close-ups of Duke’s face. This will not be the hero of my youth.

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Donhonk will get a little bit spicy right here with my private favourite piece, “duke nukem trending on artstation unreal engine 5 part 2.” I’ve obtained to confess I’ve fallen into the “Nintendo, hire this man” entice when speaking about fanatic mockups of basic video games in UE5, and this grotesquely lumpy, shiny Duke rising out of what appears to be Tetsuo’s remaining type in Akira seems like some sort of ugly mockery of the shape, like these “cartoon characters but in real life” by 3D artist Miguel Vasquez.

And that actually cuts to the center of the matter with these AI artbots, is not it? They must be educated on artwork made by people by human programmers, and solely actually sing when used as a instrument by inventive or playful people. I’ve been getting some hearty stomach laughs out of these items, however I can also’t shake the sensation that they will by some means wind up as an excuse to pay folks much less someday.