Postal 2 is a notoriously dangerous videogame. Some individuals favored it when it launched again in 2003: PC Gamer, in accordance with a Metacritic roundup, scored it 79%, calling it “a nonstop tour de drive of insulting madness.” Laptop Gaming World, however, handily summed up the extra widespread consensus, ranking it a flat 0 and declaring that “till somebody packing containers up syphilis and tries to promote it at retail, Postal 2 is the worst product ever foisted upon shoppers.”

The scenario is someway clearer but extra complicated on Steam, where Postal 2 has amassed an “overwhelmingly constructive” ranking throughout greater than 71,000 consumer opinions. Irony is clearly a consider that, with consumer opinions like “higher than Cyberpunk” and “you may piss on individuals,” which is doable when a game is usually obtainable for $1 (and generally free), as is the case right here. Nonetheless, that is lots of people who personal Postal 2, and in accordance with Steam Charts it is put up higher participant numbers over the previous 12 months than Marvel’s Avengers.

That will partially be why, 20 years after Postal 2 first got here out, developer Working With Scissors has launched a brand new update creatively entitled the twentieth Anniversary Update. And it is not only a handful of minor fixes and tweaks: It is a important transforming of the game that includes the fan-made xPatch, improves Steam Deck compatibility (for the document, Postal 2 is rated as “playable” on Steam Deck), provides the Paradise Misplaced growth as a brand new game mode, “Ludicrous” difficulty, and one thing known as the Cat Launcher “as a cheat-only weapon.”

Maybe probably the most Postal-esque addition to the update is the addition of David Eddings, the unique voice of Claptrap within the Borderlands video games, because the voice of Pisstrap. Pisstrap, in tremendous Postal trend, could be very clearly a Claptrap knockoff with a urinal as a physique—the truth is, Pisstrap robots had been initially designed as cell urinals however finally rebelled towards their creators as a result of gathering piss is just not an ideal job. In keeping with the Postal wiki, Eddings—who additionally appeared in 2019’s Postal 4: No Regerts—was supposed to voice the robots when the Paradise Misplaced growth got here out in 2015, however wasn’t in a position to due to “unknown circumstances.” His less-than-amicable break up with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford in 2019 could have helped clear the best way for this new position.

Pisstrap robots (Picture credit score: Working With Scissors)

“We have additionally made some important adjustments to the game, resembling restoring the unique variety of particles for blood results, enhancing Muzzle Flash Results, and including new weapon choices like Cat Silencers now being usable on extra weapons, and dual-wielding Sawn-Off Shotguns,” Working With Scissors mentioned. “Through the apocalypse, bystanders will now use extra weapons too, making for a extra thrilling and chaotic expertise!”

For individuals who choose the unsullied purity of the unique Postal 2 expertise, a “traditional mode” possibility will make the game playable “nearer to the way it was at launch,” minus the “trendy updates” however with quality-of-life enhancements like widescreen help nonetheless in place. For individuals who prefer to get actually granular with their Postal experiences, it is also doable to make particular person original-or-updated picks.

Postal 2’s twentieth Anniversary Update is reside now. If you cannot see the patch notes on Steam since you occur to reside in a rustic where the game continues to be banned (which is seemingly an issue), you may examine them out in full under:


  • totally suitable with Steam Deck!
  • ‘Two Weeks In Paradise’ game mode! (Paradise Misplaced)
  • Traditional Mode! (+ ‘Choices’ Menu)
  • Reworked New Game menu with model new Day Choice and Skip Intro choices!
  • New difficulty!
  • “Ludicrous”
  • Added Stop to Desktop possibility!
  • David Eddings because the voice of Pisstrap in Paradise Misplaced! (The unique voice of Claptrap from the Borderlands collection)
  • Crackola (dual-wield power-up) and Weapons Merchandising Machines added to P2 ranges! 
  • The Flipping the Bird function from PL is now obtainable in P2! This may be carried out with a brand new devoted button or by pressing Fireplace with Empty Palms or Alt Fireplace with the Petition and different weapons that exchange the arms
  • Added a number of new cheats: ChugIt, ParadiseIsLost, SeekritWeaponzPls, DoubleTheGun, PeeAll, PukeAll, HereKittyKitty
  • Added distinctive conduct for Cat Silencers made out of experimental cats! (Apocalypse Weekend)
  • Whenever you decide up a thrown Scythe or Sledgehammer, it should now auto-switch again to this weapon!
  • Added help for customizable Weapon Selector and Stock Menu!
  • NPCs weapon selection possibility! (random likelihood of utilizing Everlasting Damnation weapons)
  • Restored some unused POSTAL Dude voice strains!
  • Expanded Crosshair Customization!
  • Saves with * mark for dishonest or Workshop Game are actually displayed in yellow shade to be extra noticeable!
  • New results for Catnip and meals use!
  • Added Cat Launcher! (Tremendous-fun cheat solely weapon)


  • Restored authentic quantity of particles for blood results
  • New weapon selector and stock menu default design
  • Weapon Selector now selects the final used weapon in group if it is switched by the weapon group key
  • Improved Muzzle Flash Results and viewmodel positions for all weapons
  • Cat Silencers might be now used on nearly each gun within the game
  • Beta Shotgun now makes use of precise beta arms skins and sounds and has a model new different fireplace
  • SMG and Machine Pistol now share the identical ammo sort
  • SWAT models are actually outfitted with Submachine Gun and Machine Pistol by default
  • The longer you hold burning Dynamite the shorter it should take to blow up after throwing, moreover restored different assault
  • Axe has a brand new different charged assault
  • Restored unused Chainsaw different assault in addition to clear and bloodied skins
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun has been reworked, it may well now be dual-wielded, dismember zombies and explode heads from bigger distances however makes use of 2 shells per shoot now
  • Through the apocalypse, bystanders now use the brand new weapons too
  • Added a number of new positions to the Stats Display
  • Cat Silencers on gun are actually additionally current in third particular person view / mirrors
  • Restored unused Dynamite explosion sound
  • New textures for Revolver
  • Revolver offers a bit extra injury and might explode heads on headshots
  • Grenade multiplies itself into 3 after throwing
  • Sniper Rifle offers each explosion and bullet injury
  • Grenade Launcher does not have to reload, cat-silenced can shoot off 9 cat-grenades
  • Fastened being unable to update Workshop Content material through POSTed
  • Fastened OGG information from downloaded Workshop Content material being incorrectly assigned as UMX and never being detected by the game
  • Added help for customized Weapon Selector and Stock Menu
  • Added correct help for reloadable weapons
  • Added customized textual content and spotlight shade help for menus
  • Added help for a couple of bolton attachment for garments


  • Fastened game randomly crashing whereas opening a game menu in addition to a number of different usually occurring crashes
  • Fastened game not connecting with Steam in sure instances
  • Fastened lacking Workshop menu choices in localized game variations
  • Fastened the identical Workshop game modes showing a number of instances in some instances
  • Fastened improper or lacking load display showing whereas beginning a New Game after enjoying P2, AW or Workshop game mode
  • Fastened numerous visible points associated to POSTAL Dude’s head mannequin
  • Fastened FOV throughout cutscenes getting tousled if the participant was zoomed in with Rifle in the intervening time it received triggered
  • Fastened skins of cats saved in participant’s stock not being stored by means of stage transitions
  • Fastened being unable to select up again thrown objects on POSTAL difficulty and above
  • Fastened sound stuttering and different minor points with Submachine Gun and Machine Pistol
  • Fastened arms pores and skin not altering accordingly to presently worn garments for sure weapons or whereas twin wielding
  • Fastened rewards icons for the Bass Sniffer radar minigame not being scaled
  • Fastened third particular person weapon attachment disappearing after stage transition
  • Fastened lacking fireplace results for dismembered head lighted on by Napalm
  • Fastened lacking or incorrectly scaled results for Molotov, Shocker and Dynamite
  • Napalm projectiles now not explode in your face as a consequence of its personal fireplace injury
  • Fastened Baton hit cancelling out paralyzed state of NPCs electrocuted by Shocker
  • Fastened Cops not reacting to flipping them off
  • Fastened helmets defending Navy from Sledgehammer injury solely in AW however not in P2
  • Fastened digicam glitch after charging Grenade, Dynamite, Krotchy Grenade, and different grenade-based weapons for too lengthy
  • Fastened “PAUSE” textual content being positioned incorrectly on widescreen resolutions
  • Fastened HUD altering its shade when subtitles or boss health bar pops up.
  • Fastened POSTAL 2 game mode utilizing outdated HUD and Participant class which brought on kill counters, boss health bar, and different HUD-related options carried out in Apocalypse Weekend and afterwards not exhibiting up
  • Fastened Stock Menu being accessible when it shouldn’t. (Throughout cutscenes, Map Display, and so on.)
  • Fastened being unable to kick dismembered head whereas it is burning
  • Fastened useless individuals blinking after loading a saved game
  • Fastened puke not pouring out of the neck after chopping off or exploding NPC’s head
  • Fastened Bali enjoying wall hitting sound whereas stabbing individuals
  • Fastened Axe and Shears not sending assault alert to close by NPCs when they need to. SWAT, Navy, and different pawns can now correctly block participant’s assaults
  • Fastened Restore Defaults possibility generally breaking for Video and Efficiency settings menu
  • Fastened “I’m legend” and “I do not want virgins for this” achievements being inconceivable to acquire in Enhanced Game mode
  • Fastened misaligned Rifle texture and lacking sounds
  • Restored lacking Napalm sounds
  • Fastened management settings exhibiting clean field if an icon for the presently certain secret is lacking (Now falls again to the previous methodology of exhibiting the important thing title as a substitute)
  • Fastened twin wielded ED Weapons fire-mode not all the time matching
  • Fastened damaged cat-silenced animations for Shotgun
  • Fastened weapon enjoying subsequent weapon’s load sound whereas including cat silencer (Machine Gun enjoying MP5 sounds and so on)
  • Fastened Shears alt-attack exploding automobiles
  • Fastened Sawn-Off Shotgun destroying participant’s head with out killing them
  • Fastened Flash Grenade dismembering useless our bodies (Paradise Misplaced)
  • Fastened that fully damaged secret Hammer weapon (Paradise Misplaced)
  • Fastened display continuously flashing white whereas utilizing HUD modifiers (Paradise Misplaced)
  • Fastened left hand masking subtitles whereas “Flipping the bird” (Paradise Misplaced)
  • Fastened Enhanced Mode Revolver generally destroying heads however not killing individuals (Paradise Misplaced)
  • Fastened Paradise Misplaced going into the POSTAL 2 Foremost Menu when leaving a workshop game.
  • Fastened WMD and Nuke Launcher in Tora Bora throughout Apocalypse not being doable to select up (Paradise Misplaced)