The Valheim Mistlands update has lastly arrived—for testing. Whereas the brand new biome hasn’t been added to the bottom game but (and Iron Gate Studio nonetheless hasn’t introduced a official launch date), it’s now out there on the Valheim public check department. Yup, you may dive right in and begin exploring the Mistlands on Valheim’s testing department.

Enjoyable reality: just a few of us at PC Gamer have already spent a while there. Iron Gate Studio was type sufficient to allow us to attempt an early construct of the Mistlands, and after numerous exploration, experimentation, and no scarcity of horribly ugly deaths, I’ve gotta say this: Wow. 

I imply, wow. There’s a lot of recent stuff within the Mistlands update past only a new biome. The update is filled with thrilling options, and never simply belongings you’d anticipate like new monsters, weapons, and surroundings. There’s a completely new gameplay system gamers are going to be actually enthusiastic about, an attention-grabbing new sort of NPC, a number of uncommon crafting stations, and plenty extra.

Earlier than I am going additional I am gonna put a giant spoiler warning right here. Whereas some gamers will wish to know what’s in retailer for them within the update, and various it may be seen within the new trailer, I had a good time discovering the surprises within the Mistlands for myself. I had a couple of “holy shit” second whereas exploring the brand new biome, and I am positive some gamers would favor to go in utterly blind. So, in the event you do not wish to know precisely what’s within the Mistlands update, cease studying this and have a good time checking it out for your self.

Please additionally take into account that we received an early construct of the update, and the Mistlands is simply on the check department for now, so every little thing I’ve seen and written about is topic to alter.

Final likelihood to keep away from spoilers! Listed below are essentially the most thrilling and stunning issues we have discovered within the Valheim Mistlands update.

A magic system with elemental and blood magic

The world of Valheim isn’t any stranger to magic: In any case, we’re speaking in regards to the Viking afterlife crammed with ice dragons, sentient blobs, magic portals, and a rubbish disposal that is powered by Thor’s lightning. There’s all the time been magic working by means of the world of Valheim, however now you may wield it instantly.

Due to a mystical new useful resource known as Eitr, you may imbue your self with magic energy and construct a brand new workbench to create a number of varieties of magic workers. One workers can hurl fireballs, one other can deal ice-blasts, and there is a workers that encases you and any close by allies in a protecting drive bubble. Together with the staffs, there is a craftable magic cranium (you may see it briefly within the trailer) that permits you to summon a loyal skeleton to battle at your aspect.

Yep, you may important a necromancer in Valheim. How about that?

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

Simply do not assume you are immediately gonna be the Viking model of Gandalf. It is a magic system, not a magic button. Harvesting and refining Eitr is kind of a course of, as is gathering what you must construct a number of new magic-related crafting stations. And with out Eitr flowing by means of your physique, your fancy new workers would possibly as nicely be a twig. To preserve your self chock-full of Eitr you are going to want to collect components and cook dinner it into hearty meals in absolutely upgraded kitchens. And people necromancy and safety spells, they use blood magic, which drains your health as nicely. It is not simple being a wizard in Valheim, however it’s an thrilling new technique to play the game.

New NPCs who do not assault you on sight

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

In such a hostile world it would not take a lot for issues to really feel extra pleasant, even when that friendliness is easy neutrality. You’ve got already met one Norse dwarf, Haldor, the seller of Valheim. However within the Mistlands you may discover different dwarf clans, known as Dvergr, and in contrast to most issues in Valheim they do not wish to kill you.

Largely. The Dvergr inhabitants of the Mistlands will not assault you on sight. In truth, they could even greet you with just a few pleasant phrases of textual content floating above their heads. You may stroll right as much as them, and even stroll round inside their forts with out upsetting them. They hate the monsters within the Mistlands as a lot as you do, so you may depend on them to assist in a battle in the event that they occur to be close by.

The draw back is, they are not tolerant of all of your habits. Assault them and so they will not hesitate to battle again, and sure, there are Dvergr mages with highly effective staffs and spells. Injury their fort, even unintentionally, and so they’ll flip hostile. That is particularly difficult as a result of their forts have assets it’s possible you’ll discover important for crafting, so chances are high you are going to should scrap with them sooner or later, even in the event you like them.

Remnants of the Jotunn

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

As you make your approach by means of the thick mist and haze of the brand new biome, put together your self for some startling sights. As glimpsed within the trailer, you may come throughout what appears to be like like an infinite sword caught within the floor, so massive you may stroll round on it and use a pickaxe (if it is robust sufficient) to reap it for steel.

Who might probably have carried such an enormous weapon? The Jotunn, Norse giants who used to inhabit Valheim. Huge swords and components of their armor are scattered across the panorama, however that is not all. You could discover the traditional, petrified skeletons of the mythic giants themselves, within the type of huge skulls and ribcages. You may harvest that fossilized bone, too, when you cease gawking on the sight of a cranium the scale of a home.

The roots of Yggdrasil

The mighty tree’s roots are sunk deep within the Mistlands.

Since we first set foot in Valheim we have been staring up on the big tree, Yggdrasil, that stretches out over the Viking land of the lifeless. We have simply by no means been in a position to attain it. Because it seems the mighty tree’s roots are sunk deep within the Mistlands, they are not simply there for adornment. You may craft a brand new software to extract a valuable new useful resource from the roots of Yggdrasil, which is essential to completely unlocking the brand new magic system I discussed above.

Together with Yggdrasil’s roots, there are smaller, child Yggdrasil shoots rising all around the Mistlands. With a pointy sufficient axe you may reduce these little bushes down and unlock extra new crafting recipes.

Horrifying new monsters

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

I do not know what a part of Norse mythology the Gjall is from, however I want it will return there. Early on in my exploration of the Mistlands I discovered a Dvergr fort, and was chilling on the roof with some impartial dwarves. I am unsure if I heard it or noticed it first, however I keep in mind considering “What the hell is that?” It was an enormous creature, swollen and fleshy, slowly drifting towards the fort excessive above the mist like a blimp manufactured from pores and skin. Terrifying! A couple of minutes later, there wasn’t a complete lot left of the fort. I am unsure precisely what the Gjall spits out of what is not precisely its mouth, however it looks as if a mix of acid and hearth.

The Mistlands are additionally dwelling to large bugs known as seekers, and so they’re no pushovers, both. And as you discover you may discover dungeons known as infested mines, previously the subterranean properties of the Dvergr however now the lairs of much more seekers and their brood. At the least you get one thing out of exploring these darkish and disgusting locations: Seekers and their grubs present extra new crafting supplies.

A brand new technique to mild up the world

Valheim Mistlands Wisp torch and fountain

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

A lot of the Mistlands is surrounded by fog so thick you may’t see various ft in entrance of you. You may even lose sight of your personal character in the event you scroll out too far together with your mouse. Delay a torch and you will discover it would not do a rattling factor to dispel that mist, both. That is my mild approach of claiming that the mist of the Mistlands, fairly truthfully, sucks. Once you’re in it, you merely cannot see, and never solely is it harmful, it is simply not a lot enjoyable stumbling round blind.

Fortunately there is a technique to fight that dense fog. You may want one thing new, known as Wisp, a useful resource that may be crafted into torches which you can place on the bottom within the Mistlands, dispelling the mist round them, and a brand new software known as Wisplight that follows you round. A particular Wisp fountain may be constructed that may entice Wisp for assortment, permitting you to construct extra torches. That can assist you get began, this is our guide to crafting Wisp torches and Wisplight.

A brand new boss, base constructing choices, and holy crap: chickens!

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studios)

We knew the brand new biome would have a brand new boss, however apparently this boss has a lair slightly than an altar within the overworld. Sealed by Dvergr way back, as soon as you’ve got discovered the lair of the Mistlands boss you may have to craft a particular key simply to open that intimidating door. A creature so foul it has been locked away in a vault? Sounds such as you most likely ought to simply depart that door closed, would not it?

Within the meantime, there’s nonetheless loads of new stuff to do again at your base, as new constructing supplies and items have been added, together with spiral staircases that may make multilevel constructing loads simpler and black marble so you may create your sturdiest base but. And base protection has gone up a notch—there’s an automatic protection weapon you may construct that is likely to be helpful for conserving the Djall at bay, if you wish to make a house within the harmful Mistlands.

And there is chickens! In Valheim! You may hatch ’em, develop ’em, and farm ’em at your base. They don’t seem to be simply cute, they’re additionally scrumptious. Now all it’s a must to do is use your first egg… someplace.