Among Us characters colors

Image through Innersloth

Among Us is breaching clear from its online game group confines and has now entered the world of aggressive game exhibits. The time period “sus” from Among Us was a solution on Jeopardy the opposite night time, with the identify Among Us being inside the query itself.

The full query reads:

“Slang adjective for somebody you suppose just isn’t what they appear, particularly in the event that they by the imposter within the game ‘Among Us.”

Kjerstin Iverson shared an image of the Among Us question on Twitter, and the official Among Us Twitter account retweeted it. Twitter user burntends then shared a clip of the question and answer as it aired on Jeopardy. It is very surreal to hear a contestant say “What is sus” as a legit answer to a question on Jeopardy, but it just shows how far Among Us’ affect has reached.

“Sus” is shorthand for “suspicious” and is utilized by Among Us gamers to explain who they suppose is the imposter among the many crewmates. The time period “sus” has existed lengthy earlier than Among Us, however the phrase has now grow to be synonymous with Among Us and is a meme. “Sus” has now grow to be slang for describing anybody in any scenario as being untruthful and being suspicious.