This year may feel like it’s going by faster than expected. It’s good way to measure it is by how often games are getting released. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is another that has been confirmed to come out this summer. This year around August, players will find themselves in the universe of one of the most iconic horror stories ever told. There is still plenty of time for development and patching with technical tests for the game coming soon. Shaping up to be a multiplayer slasher experience, it has quite some big shoes to fill.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Release Date

Despite the original film coming out in 1974, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre hasn’t lost its popularity. Now, Sumo Digital is providing another modern take on it. Their game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre garnered a solid following since its announcement, and will finally be released around August 18.

According to Gematsu, the game will also be undergoing technical tests a few weeks before around May 25. This is necessary considering that the game is aiming to be an online multiplayer affair, sharing similarities with the competitive slasher game Dead By Daylight. According to its publisher, Gun Interactive, the game is meant to retain as much authenticity from the original film as possible.

Of all the slasher stories out there, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre holds tremendous power for its brutality. The story follows an isolated family with the last name Hardesty, based on a farm in the middle of nowhere. From their base of operations, they would prey on anyone unfortunate enough to pass through their land. The strongest and most notable member of the family is the aptly named Leatherface. The series’ most iconic character, he’s a large hulking man wearing a mask made of human skin. He also wields a chainsaw with ease due to his strength. Players will either control members of the Slaughter family or one of the poor victims trying to escape them.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is shaping up to stay true to the film that it’s based on. With development near its end and technical tests on the way, players can hope to experience the story in a whole new way this August.

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