Satisfaction factors are a few of the most essential assets in The Sims 4. Understanding what to spend all of those on may be fairly troublesome, as there are dozens of aspiration rewards. The Potion of Youth is the second most costly potion within the game, and has one of many extra particular descriptions on it. What does this merchandise do? And what must you use it for? We are going to show you how to spend your aspiration factors correctly.

How Does The Potion of Youth Work In The Sims 4?

The Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 places your Sim to the beginning of their present life stage, by way of getting older. This doesn’t stop the Sim from getting older solely. You’re simply rewinding the clock on that particular life stage. For example, an aged sim that takes the potion shall be put on the very begin of their elder stage. Nevertheless, you can too use it as a part of the recipe for Ambrosia, which reduces the age of residing sims and revives lifeless ones.

The Potion prices 1500 Satisfaction Factors and may be bought from the Aspiration Reward store at any time. Giving it to a Sim solely resets their present Life Stage.

When you’re eager to reside without end, you’ll need a Potion of Rejuvination or a Potion of Immortality, that are a part of the Realm of Magic growth pack. In any other case, it’s fairly troublesome to de-age a Sim with out accessing the choices menu.

The opposite use of the Potion of Life is to craft Ambrosia. Ambrosia could be very troublesome to make, requiring the Dying Flower, Angelfish, and the Potion of Youth. The Dying Flower requires you to graft Pomegranate and Orchid. Then, for Angelfish, you have to to go looking Willow Creek. Even then, you’ll nonetheless want Stage 10 in Coking and Gourmand Cooking expertise. This can be a Gourmand recipe which you could entry from the fridge.

On the lookout for extra foolish stuff in The Sims 4? Fortunately, this game has loads of that!

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