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How to Use the Stake in Redfall


How to Use the Stake in Redfall

On: May 3, 2023

Just like zombies, vampires are never really going to go out of style. Well, unless you stake them through the heart. And as everyone knows, that has long been the preferred method of dispatching these sort of wights. Bethesda’s newest game Redfall has you playing as one of several gifted humans as they try to fight against an endless night. Naturally, you’ll need to know how to kill vampires.

In this game, these creatures of the night have taken over and blocked out the sun. Meanwhile, groups of humans have started a cult in their name. However, as the hero of the story, you’re not having any of that. Even though you’ll gain access to a lot of firepower and magical powers, vampires don’t go down easy. Steel your nerves, because the best way to deal with them is to beat them down and then stake them through the heart. That is, assuming you have one available. If you don’t, have no fear: This guide will explain how to get and use stakes to vanquish your foes.

How to Get the Stake

Holding a Rifle with a stake attached.

In Redfall, stakes aren’t treated like individual weapons. Instead, they are primarily treated as weapon attachments. Think of them sort of like a variation of the bayonet. As such, that means only long-barrel firearms like shotguns and rifles can be equipped with a stake.

Whenever you pick up such weapons, you can check them in your inventory to see if they have a stake icon. However, note that the icon will not always be visible, so it’s best to confirm by equipping the weapon and confirm it is attached.

Moreover, you won’t be able to attach a stake to your weapon until just before your first vampire encounter. If that hasn’t happened yet, don’t worry, it will in time.

From there, you’ll be able to secure a stake to any compatible weapon. And, given enough time, you’ll also unlock the Stake Launcher, which can kill vampires from afar. Ammo for this weapon can be found in all sorts of loot areas, or purchased outright from supply vendors.

How to Use the Stake

Redfall loadout screen.

Even though the stake is a weapon, in Redfall, it’s more accurate to call it a tool. This is because its base form only comes into play when prompted. You can’t just pull it out any time you like; it is distinct from the default melee attack. Instead, it’s used specifically during short contextual prompts.

To use a stake, you first need to attack a vampire until its health drops to almost nothing. They’ll drop to their knees, and their chest will start glowing. That’s your cue to approach them quickly. When you get in range while having a stake equipped, a prompt will pop up to “Finish” the vampire. Press it and you’ll automatically impale the vampire right through its heart.

Remember, even if you’re wielding a stake-weapon, it cannot be used as a melee weapon. Your melee attack will always be a punch, which is surprisingly weak and short-ranged, and generally a bad choice when it comes to fighting vampires.

How to Use the Stake Launcher

Holding the Stake Launcher.

The Stake Launcher is a different story. As the name implies, it lets you spike vampires from afar. Ammo for it is somewhat common, but the weapon has fairly low ammo capacity. It can dish out high damage, but it has a slow rate of fire and an even slower reload speed. It’s also a fairly precise weapon, so make sure you practice aiming while running, jumping, and turning.

Despite its flaws, you should always have one with you, since it gives you more options in dealing with vampires. It lets you focus on damaging vampires from a distance and, should they enter a vulnerable state in a hard-to-reach spot, you can simply impale them from afar. Also, the name is kind of misleading, as it can fire any sharp pointy objects that you’re able to loot while exploring the world.

Without a launcher, you need to be far more cautious. Thankfully, vampires don’t frequently travel in groups outside of missions. They can be easy to spot as they’re usually floating in the air or feeding on dead humans.

If you are forced to fight more than one vampire, it’s best to focus on targeting one at a time, while always keeping them in front of you. Vampires have a tendency to use hit-and-run tactics, so play it tight, and you’ll find the opportunity approach vulnerable vampires and finish them off.

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