You’ll never have to worry about tending to your heaters again!

Jax in Bear and Breakfast
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Jax is one of the best characters in Bear and Breakfast! This NPC is friendly, fluffy, and focused! What more could you ever need in a character? This lovable, well-dressed dog is located in Winterberry, and will allow you to hire him in your resorts. He specializes in heat management, and will restock the fuel of any heaters that are running low or empty. His fuel restocking services are essential for any busy bear! If you want to be able to hire Jax in Bear and Breakfast, you’re in luck! This is a comprehensive guide on how to employ this charming canine in Bear and Breakfast.

Who wouldn’t want a giant talking dog as an employee? This big, fluffy hound is one of Bear and Breakfast’s most popular characters, and it’s no wonder why. Jax is an easygoing, flannel-wearing dog that lives in a cozy little cabin in Winterberry. Jax is always willing to help out on a quest and even sells you fuel in case you ever run out. Jax is even willing to work for you directly, as your employee!

Jax’s specialty is heating and he will work in any utility room of your choosing. For a small fee, Jax will tend to your heaters and make sure they’re always full. You’ll never have to worry about tending to your heaters again with Jax around! If you want to hire Jax in Bear and Breakfast, follow these steps:

  • Open Bear and Breakfast on your PC or Nintendo Switch.
  • Travel to Winterberry, locate Jax, and speak to him.
  • If you’re far enough in the game, he will have a quest for you.
    • You should be far enough in the game if you’ve unlocked Pinefall and done a couple of Jax’s quests in the past.
  • Jax will tell you that he’s feeling cold and would like a drink to warm him up, starting the “Fired Up” quest.
    • This quest is very easy to complete, all you need to do is craft 3x Plum Schnaps for Jax and bring them back to him. You can buy this recipe from Julia in Highlake, if you don’t have it already.
    • Plum Shnaps are cheap and easy to make, all you need to make them is 1 Plum, 1 sugar, and 2 fuel.
  • Once you’ve given Jax the Shnaps, he will show his gratitude by offering his services as an employee. You’ll gain the “Jax’s Heating Panel Recipe”, which will allow you to craft Jax’s Heating Panel and place it in your resort’s utility room.
    • You will need 8 Iron Plates, 4 Copper Plates, and 2 Rubber Slabs to craft Jax’s Heating Panel.
  • Once crafted, place Jax’s Heating Panel in a utility room of your choice. It’s recommended that you station him in Winterberry, as it’s the area that gets the coldest.
  • Once you’ve got the heating panel placed, go to your reception desk. Click on the “Details” button of your resort, and Jax’s staff option should show up to the right of the screen.
  • Click on the “Edit” button below Jax’s option. From here, it will give you a few options on which heaters you’d like to assign to Jax, and it will also allow you to turn on and off Jax’s services. To employ Jax, click on the “Turn On” button to change Jax’s status.
  • Congratulations! You now have successfully employed Jax in Bear and Breakfast!

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Bear and Breakfast is full of loveable, employable characters! If you ever find yourself stuck trying to find a particular character in Bear and Breakfast, try checking out Gamer Journalist’s numerous other guides for this game!