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The fantastical pirate simulator, Sea of Thieves has finally released its Season 7 update after a few weeks of delay and brings many new features to the high seas. There’s the standard fare such as new quests and Emporium items as well as a large number of new gameplay mechanics. One of those new mechanics is none other than the chance to become a true pirating captain. We’ve figured out how to become one as well as the many benefits that come with it. Let’s explain how it works.

Sea of Thieves Ship Cloud
Image via Gamer Journalist

Not only are there new adventures from a gameplay perspective, but there’s also a deeper immersion of roleplay that comes with these new captaining features. In order to start captaining a ship though, you’ll need to purchase one for yourself. Simply choosing a free ship when you load into a game will not suffice, so you’ll need to head to the ship menu after having chosen which adventure you’d like to embark on, and then select the “My Ships” tab from within that screen. Once there, you’ll want to buy one of the three selections; the Sloop for 250,000 Gold, a Brigantine for 375,000 Gold, or a Galleon for 500,000 Gold.

Following your purchase, you’ll be able to name your ship. You choose whatever name you’d like, considering it doesn’t exceed 20 characters, contain numbers or symbols, and doesn’t include vulgar language. Going forward, every time you launch Sea of Thieves, you’ll want to choose My Ships when joining a session if you want to sail your ship.

Once you’ve finally purchased your very own ship, that’s when you’re actually considered a Captain. From this point on, you’ll be able to do things like save your ship’s loadout, customize your Captain’s Cabin, or take advantage of the other new Captain’s activities. The Shipwright shops will now sell you Trinkets for ship customization, supply stashes, and even new Captain’s Voyages to take on, earning you more Gold the bigger the risk.

Additionally, there comes the new Captain’s Log which allows you to track your crew’s progress throughout your entire pirate career with your ship. From each crew member’s stats, the ship’s stats, and an overview of what your crew has accomplished through your current session. You’ll also be given access to the newly-introduced Sovereigns which act as a new Trading Company for which you can sell loot for reputation and Gold. The Sovereigns can be found at any Outpost.

That’s all there is to becoming a Captain in Sea of Thieves! Though it costs quite a bit upfront, there is a lot of new fun to be had within it.

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