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Discover the Floppa Morphs, by BIG PLAY, is a big and sprawling ‘discover the’ Roblox game where gamers can hunt for over 360 distinctive floppas. As soon as discovered, these floppas could be morphed into to run round their respective map and play with different gamers. With many, many maps to discover, this game is incredible for informal and completionist gamers alike. And now gamers can get tremendous spooky within the Halloween map, with many creepy creatures to gather! Right here is methods to discover the Witch Floppa in Discover the Floppa Morphs.

The Witch Floppa is represented by a flying broomstick and is hiding out within the spooky halloween map, so ensure to pick that map from the map menu upon spawning in.

halloween spawn in find the floppa morphs
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As soon as within the Halloween map, we will learn the trace for the Witch Floppa, which states to leap into the Witch’s Cauldron. So, let’s head there!

Discovering the Witch’s Cauldron

The Witch’s Cauldron is hidden away in a nook of the map. Upon spawn, you’ll discover many cobblestone trails main off from where you’re. Dealing with the home, take the left path, the one which leads into the creepy woods.

approaching hut in find the floppa morphs
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In case you zoom out, it is possible for you to to see a decrepit picket shack within the nook of the map. Once you get shut, go inside.

Contained in the creepy hut will reveal a effervescent, green cauldron. Don’t hesitate and bounce right inside!

cauldron in find the floppa morphs
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You can be teleported to the Witch’s Obby.

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Finishing the Witch’s Obby

The Witch’s Obby will not be in contrast to one we have now seen earlier than from Discover the Floppa Morphs. You should bounce down onto the rocks and bushes, nevertheless, there’s a nasty Witch guarding the morph.

You should parkour over to the opposite aspect and keep away from the flying Witch. It’s fast, so that you’ll must watch out and hope that different gamers distract it.

witch obby in find the floppa morphs
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As soon as you’re on the opposite aspect, you’ll see the broomstick that represents the Witch Floppa. Contact it to assert your new floppa morph!

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