Realmwalkers are responsible for constructing their workstations in the Abeyance Realm in Nightingale. Crafting various items quickly becomes part of the gaming formula as they progress across the Fae Realms. Blades, for example, come to mind as a resource for putting together several unique working products.

However, when specific structures like the Refined Tanning Station come into question that require Blades, how can the Realmwalkers assemble them? Well, if you’re already braving the newly opened Fae Realms, there’s a good chance you might already have the tools and resources to craft a Blade in Nightingale.

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A Blade is a resource in Nightingale that is used to help construct various workstations and items. Realmwalkers can craft Blades by tossing two Metal Plates into a Brazier or a Blacksmith’s Hearth. A Metal Plate is built using three Ingots, also generated via a Brazier or Blacksmith’s Hearth. Early Realmwalkers will most likely access a Brazier to get themselves a Blade or two.

Of course, Ores produce Ingots, and Realmwalkers can find these throughout the Fae Realms. Whether in the Forest biome or a Swamp region, Ores are commonly seen in groups, waiting to be smashed to pieces with a Mining Pick. When encountering these Ores, farm as much as possible and provide the materials to your recruited companion. It’s better than storing the heavy materials on your person when you can easily become overwhelmed. Consider giving it to your trustworthy sidekick, as this ensures the intense weight of the Ores won’t burden you.

Expert Tip

Your recruited companion not only aids in combat but also carries whatever item menu you give them. However, be mindful when giving them anything related to wood. Companions tend to store it in workstations that require fuel, wasting away potentially valuable wooden pieces like Carved Wood.

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If you want to acquire a Brazier or a Blacksmith’s Hearth, you must speak with a couple of Essence Traders. The Brazier is a station you’ll get mid-game once you can acquire T1 Essence. The Forest Provisioner Essence Trader sells the Brazier recipe for 15 T1 Essence. As for the Blacksmith’s Hearth, transport to a Swamp Herbarium Realm and speak with its respective Essence Trader. They’ll sell the recipe for 15 T2 Essence. This means you’ll have to progress through the main story to use higher-tier Essence in Nightingale, such as T2 and T3.

Toss Some Essence to Your Trader

Alternatively, the Essence Traders in other Realms can sell you a Blade for 15 T1 Essence. We don’t recommend doing this, however, because spending your T1 Essence on singular resources can get expensive pretty quickly. This also includes the good old Essence Dust used to repair your equipment. Keep an eye on your Essence varieties as you make new purchases and stitch up your clothing and worn-out tools. You can always extract Essence from unused resources if you’re running low.

Notably, Blades are used in several stations and items that players can craft later in their Nightingale travels. These include the following creations:

  • Refined Saw Table
  • Excellent Saw Table
  • Refined Tanning Station
  • Excellent Tanning Station
  • Plough
  • Axe Head
  • Cooking Knife
  • Rugged Hunting Knife
  • Rugged Sickle
  • Gilded Bladed

The last item on the list is essential for Realmwalkers who seek more unique structures and equipment. The Gilded Blade is an upgraded version of the standard Blade in question, serving as an ingredient for the Wood Carvers Toolbox, Writing Desk, and the Dauntless and Mystic varieties of the Hunting Knife and Sickle tools. These are only a few of the creations that Realmwalkers can invest in as they make their way to The Watch.

To build a Gilded Blade, you only need one regular Blade and one Precious Metal Etched Ingot with the power of a Blacksmith’s Hearth. The Precious Metal Etched Ingot is generated through a Blacksmith’s Hearth, and unique Ingots are utilized to produce Etched Ingots. Then, take your newly acquired Precious Metal Etched Ingots and Blades to craft the Gilded version of the resource.

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In short, Blades come from Metal Plates, which are generated from Ingots, and Ingots are produced by smelting Ores. Ingots are used in so many recipes that you need to prioritize farming them at some point in Nightingale. It’s practically a necessity if you wish to construct better equipment for yourself. Therefore, refer to your lovely recruited companion to haul any resource too heavy to fit in your Pack.

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