Caught on the Headlong puzzle in Future 2 Lightfall? Whereas the Neomuna marketing campaign is not fairly as filled with puzzles because the Witch Queen—Calus ain’t no god of trickery in any case—there are nonetheless just a few moments where you need to don your pondering cap and unravel old style riddle.

For individuals who are used to Future’s extra cryptic raid and dungeon encounters, the puzzle doubtless will not hassle you for lengthy, however should you’re new to Future 2, then it’d halt your progress for longer than you want. If you have not dipped into the brand new season but, you would possibly need to know get Defiant Keys, too. In any other case, this is clear up the Headlong puzzle in Lightfall so you possibly can proceed with the marketing campaign. 

The right way to clear up the Headlong mission puzzle

You have to shoot the harpies within the order of the crystals (Picture credit score: Bungie)

Throughout the Headlong mission, you will end up within the Liming Harbor space of Neomuna, close to the doorway to the Thrilladrome Misplaced Sector. Nevertheless, the doorway is sealed by a Vex barrier and you need to clear up a bit of puzzle to be able to get previous it. After you’ve got defeated the Vex minotaur and goblins hanging out on the entrance, 4 Cation harpies will spawn, however do not kill these simply but.

As an alternative, look above the barrier-covered entrance and you may see three crystals, every both glowing or not glowing. You may additionally discover that among the harpies are glowing, and others aren’t. The crystals above the door show the order it’s essential to kill the harpies in going from left to right. So, as an illustration, if the order of crystals was glowing, non-glowing, and glowing like mine was, it’s essential to kill a glowing harpy, an everyday harpy, then one other glowing harpy. 

It takes a short time for every crystal to register you’ve got completed it, however when it does it will disappear, exhibiting that you would be able to move on to the following. In any case three are completed, the barrier opens and you’ll proceed with the mission.