I gotta be sincere: when the trailer for the Plucky Squire opened with a view of a Toy Story-esque kid’s room, softly lit within the afternoon mild, I used to be ready to take a look at. “This is probably not for me,” I assumed. But because the Plucky Squire storybook opened as much as reveal top-down, Zelda-style gameplay in a beautiful, 2D animation fashion, I modified my tune fast.

That wasn’t the one Nintendo homage within the game’s all-too-brief trailer at Devolver’s E3 season show: hero Jot additionally engaged in Punch Out-style fisticuffs, and, most stunning of all, jumped off the web page of his storybook into the “real” world, with the game taking up an artwork fashion much like the beautiful, tilt shift, toybox look of Yoshi’s Crafted World or the Link’s Awakening remake. 

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overhead view of zelda-style exploration

(Image credit score: All Possible Futures)
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Jot side scrolling gameplay wrapping around a mug

(Image credit score: All Possible Futures)
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Shmup gameplay wrapping around the side of a cylindrical container

(Image credit score: All Possible Futures)
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Jot launching into the air in a 3D gameplay portion

(Image credit score: All Possible Futures)
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overhead view of pastel town square

(Image credit score: All Possible Futures)

Jot’s journey appears to take him by means of numerous types of artwork and gameplay as he explores the environs and surfaces of this kid’s room from 3D and 2D views, with playful thrives like a side-scrolling part wrapping round a desert-themed mug. If the Plucky Squire is ready to provide a cohesive by means of line for all these artistic concepts and preserve providing playful surprises, it might wind up being one thing particular certainly.

That’s my fundamental takeaway from this glimpse of developer All Possible Futures’ first mission: it is a real nice shock, and made me really feel excited like little else apart from Skate Story on this 12 months’s not-E3 season. The Plucky Squire is deliberate for launch in 2023, and you’ll wishlist it on Steam.