The Outer Worlds is out with a brand new Spacer’s Choice edition, so there’s no reason not to explore the deadliest parts of space! This RPG is an Obsidian one, so there are a lot of different statuses, damage types, and minor damage boosts that you’ll have to learn if you want to be optimal. Because of that, the N-Ray damage type in The Outer Worlds might slip by players the first time around. Which is a shame, because this is a very cool modification worth considering! Let’s talk about how it works.

How to Use N-Ray Damage in The Outer Worlds

In order to access N-Ray damage, you will need to find a weapon that does the damage type, or access the Mr. N or Mag-2-Ray modification. As a damage type, N-Ray is by far the most effective when fighting multiple enemies at the same time. This is because it radiates an aura of damage based on your level to all other targets. It also deals damage past armor, making it a passable damage option against heavily armored opponents.

The Mag-2-Ray and Mr. N modifications both do one thing: reduce damage by 50%. This is pretty impactful, but remember: you eventually will bypass armor values when attacking enemies. And afterwards, you will start doing damage-over-time. Thanks to r/Arctrooper209 on the subreddit, we now know that it deals damage based on level. As long as you keep leveling up, your damage-over-time will increase.  At 60 Science, you gain 25% damage with N-Rays.

This damage-over-time also deals damage in a fair radius. This means that swarms of enemies will all take the damage. That is where N-Ray shines! Melee enemies tend to swarm you, so backing up and filling them with radiation can clear encounters quickly. Choose weapons with either good rate-of-fire or a large blast radius to make use of it’s incredible AoE capabilities.

In addition, it has been discovered that companions will deal quite a bit of damage using N-Ray guns, making it a very valid option for companion weapons.

Just avoid using this gun on Mechanicals, since they don’t take the secondary damage.

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