Keep in mind Megaton Rainfall? It is a VR game launched in 2017 about flying round like Superman and utilizing your powers to battle hostile aliens and in addition by chance demolish the occasional skyscraper. As we speak the builders revealed their subsequent venture, and it seems to be even weirder: Tenebris Pictura is an “ultra-corporeal motion journey” a couple of paranormal investigator in Victorian England who turns into caught up in a battle in opposition to demonic extra-terrestrial beings who’ve escaped from supernatural work.

Invited to a wierd island where the legal guidelines of physics look like breaking down, you may use the Aeter Pendulum and your psychic skills (you are additionally a psychic, btw) to detect “murky presences” and clues that can assist clarify why the world round you is in such a wierd state.

“Conceal your physique from hazard and separate your soul to face the demon hordes,” the Steam web page explains, form of. “Dodge their barrages of ectoplasm and counter-attack together with your psychic vitality blasts… However that will not be sufficient! It’s worthwhile to move the objects round and get your environment strategically ready. You will uncover and discover ways to use your unusual expertise and tips to divide and conquer, stopping your enemies’ progress despite being massively outnumbered.”

That is not essentially the most crystal-clear synopsis I’ve ever run throughout, and I can not say the gameplay trailer actually clarifies issues for me. It positive seems attention-grabbing, although: There’s some isometric exploration, some adventure-style dialog, some environmental puzzling-solving, and a few bullet-hell motion in opposition to interdimensional weirdoes—I think that is what the “ultra-corporeal” bit is all about. It is a unusual combine, made stranger by parts just like the 4 ghostly horses racing on twisted tendrils that attain out from a burning sky. Seems to be cool, sure, however what does it imply?

I can not actually put my finger on why, however I get a little bit little bit of a Clive Barker’s Timeless vibe from the trailer, too. Perhaps it is simply the broad strokes—a magical investigator invited to a mysterious island by a rich however ailing benefactor who needs him to dig into unusual occasions that finally transform a really massive downside for all concerned—and Tenebris Pictura is clearly a really completely different game mechanically. However any game that may invoke that form of quick response (Timeless, for the document, is excellent) is value one other look in my books.

Additionally, it seems bizarre and I simply dig that form of factor. Tenebris Image is ready to return out on August 31 and can be out there for PC on Steam and the Epic Video games Retailer.