Goro Majima stands inside Sifu's game world

Image through TheMedineer on NexusMods

Since Sifu’s launch earlier this yr, the game has loved a substantial amount of success. It’s additionally garnered a reasonably full of life modding scene. Characters like Kazuma Kiryu, Ultra Instinct Shaggy, and even real-life people like Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki have all been made playable within the kung fu motion brawler. Now, a brand new mod by TheMedineer means that you can play as Yakuza fan-favorite, Goro Majima. 

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Like many different Sifu mods, this one merely replaces the principle character’s mannequin with Majima’s, full with the Mad Dog’s iconic snakeskin jacket. Of course, if you wish to combat Majima, it’s also possible to swap the game’s first boss, Fajar, with Majima’s mannequin. This appears like it could pair fairly properly with the aforementioned Kiryu mod, however relying on how effectively you already know Fajar’s assault patterns, it would provide you with extra grief than the standard “Majima Everywhere” encounter.

Majima and Kiryu fight inside Sifu
Image through TheMedineer on NexusMods

It’s price noting that one other Majima mod was created in February shortly after the game’s launch. But primarily based on suggestions from the NexusMods neighborhood, it seems just like the mod would typically trigger gamers’ video games to crash. In the brand new mod’s description, TheMedineer said their motive to make a brand new Majima mod was as a result of different mod’s tendency to crash the game.

In the three months since Sifu’s launch, the game’s modding scene hasn’t simply been restricted to mannequin swaps. In reality, there are quite a few mods that add new preventing kinds and strikes to the game. As luck would have it, there’s a moveset mod by CorvoCorvus45 that provides Majima’s Thug and Slugger preventing kinds, permitting for fairly an genuine Mad Dog expertise if utilized in tandem with TheMedineer’s mod. CorvoCorvus45 additionally beforehand made a mod that added the Rush preventing fashion seen in Yakuza 0.

Majima takes a swing at a person with a bat
Image through TheMedineer on NexusMods

If you wish to roleplay as one other character inside Sloclap’s tough-as-nails motion game, there are additionally moveset mods primarily based on preventing kinds seen in Netflix’s Daredevil, Sleeping Dogs, and even Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

As for the game itself, Sifu not too long ago acquired an enormous update that added a much-requested characteristic to the game: difficulty choices. The game acquired some criticism for its harsh difficulty at launch, however now options three difficulty ranges, permitting gamers to make the game as simple — or as tough — as they need it to be. The game can be set to obtain a handful of different updates all year long, together with gameplay modifiers and new outfits.