Basic beat-’em-up revival Streets of Rage 4 has gotten a “long-awaited main update” that brings over 300 tweaks, fixes, and stability modifications to the side-scrolling brawler. Launched final Friday, the update makes some merciful modifications to the game’s combo counter, tweaks the game’s characters in varied refined and not-so-subtle methods, and at last, lastly allows you to hurl your co-op associate at enemies like some sort of meat-and-bone ballistic missile. Teamwork makes the dream work.

You would possibly wish to give it a minute earlier than you rush to take a look at the update, although. Dotemu says it has been getting experiences of post-patch crashes from some gamers, and its devs are “investigating to discover a repair and update the game ASAP.”

You will discover the complete, extremely prolonged patch notes on Steam, however the headline gadgets are the brand new co-op strikes, a customized survival mode, and a few the extra sizable stability tweaks. Along with the power to hurl your associate at enemies, any participant being thrown will be capable of carry out a particular assault, which I suppose ought to assist protect their dignity considerably.

As for that customized survival mode, that is solely accessible to homeowners of Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare DLC, who will discover themselves capable of, uh, “tweak his/her survival expertise with a wide range of choices.” That is actually all of the element that Dotemu has furnished us with about that change, so I suppose DLC homeowners might want to hearth up the update to determine what that truly interprets to. For lack of some other data, I am simply going to think about it provides a brand new courting sim layer to the game.

Past that stuff, the game’s gotten a number of stability modifications that ought to make it simpler to protect your valuable combo counter. Gamers will now discover that the game’s levels have extra destroyable gadgets on them, which you’ll be able to break to preserve your combo meter up if there are not any enemies in attain. Likewise, it’s going to now take a half second to your combo counter to fade, and stage transitions have gotten a little bit of bonus time so you do not lose your meter throughout them.

It is a whopper of an update, and optimistically it’s going to solely make the game higher. Streets of Rage 4 sort of achieved the inconceivable when it launched in 2020, managing to revive a sequence that had lain dormant for over 25 years and truly do it effectively. When PCG’s Wes Fenlon wrote up his Streets of Rage 4 evaluation three years in the past, he praised it as “a wonderful homage” to the much-loved unique video games of the Nineties. It is good to see that it is nonetheless getting dev consideration even three years post-release.