The newest chapter of JoJo’s Weird Journey: The JOJOLands has landed in Japan, additional exploring the journey of the most recent Joestars in Jodio and Dragona. Whereas we had been in a position to be taught fairly a bit when it got here to the brand new manga stars within the premiere chapter, the second installment from creator Hirohiko Araki threw some main reveals at readers. Apart from the mind-blowing cameo that capped off the chapter, we realized extra concerning the hilariously named “Sizzling Canine Man” who was becoming a member of the Joestars on their mission to steal an enormous diamond.

Warning. When you’ve got but to learn chapter 2 of JoJo’s Weird Journey: The JOJOLands, be forewarned that we’ll be diving into severe spoiler territory. The “Sizzling Canine Man” is called Usagi Alohaoe, a fellow pupil who attends Jodio’s highschool and is at present seventeen. Right off the bat, it appears as if Usagi will likely be an issue for the Joestars as their ally Paco believes that the Stand wielder with a love of sizzling canines will trigger them hassle and may also be hooked on medication. With their new ally seemingly making an attempt to con them for cash for a automobile rental, Usagi has fairly the Stand to work with.

Sizzling Canine Joestar

Usagi, when the group of younger thieves reaches their particular vacation spot in Hawaii, reveals his stand referred to as “The Matte Kudasai”. This, like so many different Stands, is a reference to a musical landmark, with the title being a music carried out by the artist King Crimson. Usagi’s Stand, as he explains “transforms into one thing there that somebody desires.” Whereas his Stand can accomplish the desires of others, it apparently does not do the identical for Usagi himself, as {the teenager} bemoans this truth.

Usagi’s Stand was removed from the most important shock in chapter 2 of The JOJOLands although, because it was revealed on the ultimate web page that none apart from Kishibe Rohan was the goal of the primary heroes’ heist. With Rohan trying equivalent to his aesthetic within the authentic universe, many Joestar followers are actually questioning what this may imply for the present setting. At current, there have been no reveals with regards to the most recent entry in JoJo’s Weird Journey receiving an official launch in North America, although based mostly on the anime franchise’s reputation, it is solely a matter of time earlier than we see Jodio and Dragona arrive within the west.