This Skyrim mod makes me wish to go and lie down for a bit. Uploaded by person MissleMann, the Grimace Mead mod is just credited to “He watches”. Nice. On the plus facet, NexusMod’s virus scan function has designated the Skyrim Grimace Shake as “protected to make use of”, which one way or the other fails to be reassuring when confronted with the prospect of downloading this purple eldritch horror.

In the event you’re unfamiliar with the Grimace Shake, it is a kind of infectiously bizarre TikTok developments that there is simply no escape from. The premise is as follows: you obtain a McDonalds Grimace Shake. You want Grimace a cheerful birthday. You drink it. You might be then present in a puddle of Grimace-coloured blood by your digital camera particular person, presumably useless. It is also spawned extra Twitter memes than you may shake a Grimace at.


(Picture credit score: @PlayApex on Twitter)

happy birthday grimace excited to try this sha--

(Picture credit score: @AmongUsGame on Twitter)

Happy Birthday, Grimace!

(Picture credit score: @sonic_hedgehog on Twitter)

This model of the Grimace Shake, named the Grimace Mead, could be purchased from Belethor for the staggering worth of 170 septims. That is about 18 loaves of bread, or 28 potatoes. Mercifully, I did not need to download this cursed artefact onto my machine to provide it a check drive, as a channel named Jackary on YouTube has already performed that for me.

Ingesting the Grimace Mead will see your character shortly black out—presumably from attempting to carry all in all these birthday needs—and get up in a secondary location, typically surrounded by purple goop. Shockingly you do not die, which proves that the Dovah-Kiin is one way or the other robust sufficient to withstand a drink with an in any other case 100% mortality price, if TikTok is any indication.

I can not assist however really feel a way of gaming patriotism as I watch Jackary’s dragonborn brawl with a Horker, his display coated in a purple haze. The mod is basically a shitpost, however shitposts have fashioned an necessary ingredient of Skyrim’s modding neighborhood for over a decade, such because the notorious Thomas the Tank Engine mods of yore, or a newer mod that turns all dragons into the state of Ohio. It is merely custom.