Are you on a CP funds in Pokémon GO? Check out the most effective choices under

Mega Venusaur Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

It’s no secret that there are a whole lot of Pokémon up for grabs in Pokémon GO. The subject is attempting to determine that are finest for battling Gyms, Team Rocket, and even simply your pals. It turns into much more tough with the sheer quantity of uncommon and highly effective Pokémon there are to select from. Each of which is measured in CP, or Combat Power.

With the most recent Pokémon GO Great League taking up the Pokémon group, which is a restrictive format of the Pokémon GO Battle League permitting solely Pokémon which have 1500 CP or much less to enter. Fans are curious to know that are the most effective Pokémon to select from for this format.

Today, we’re going to be the most effective Pokémon in Pokémon GO for these with a 1500 CP restrict.

Name Type Weakness Fast Move First Charged Move Second Charged Move
Altaria Dragon/Flying Ice, Dragon, Rock and Fairy Dragon Breath Sky Attack Dragon Pulse
Alolan Marowak Fire/Ghost Ghost, Dark, Water, Ground and Rock Fire Spin Bone Club Shadow Ball
Alolan Ninetales Ice/Fairy Rock, Poison, Steel and Fire Charm Weather Ball Ice Psyshock
Azumarill Water/Fairy Electric, Grass and Poison Bubble Ice Beam Play Rough
Bastiodon Rock/Steel Fighting, Ground and Water Smack Down Stone Edge Flamethrower
Deoxys (Defense) Psychic Bug, Dark and Ghost Counter Rock Slide Thunderbolt
Medicham Fighting/Psychic Flying, Fairy and Ghost Counter Power-Up Punch Ice Punch
Sableye Ghost/Dark Fairy Shadow Claw Shadow Sneak Foul Play
Skarmory Steel/Flying Electric and Fire Air Slash Sky Attack Flash Cannon
Swampert Ground/Water Grass Mud Shot Surf Earthquake
Umbreon Dark Bug, Fairy and Fighting Snarl Foul Play Dark Pulse
Venusaur Grass/Poison Fire, Flying, Ice and Psychic Vine Whip Sludge Bomb Solar Beam

That concludes our checklist of the most effective Pokémon in Pokémon GO for these with a 1500 CP restrict. Before you go, don’t overlook to take a look at a few of our different Pokémon GO content material right here at Gamer Journalist. Like learn how to verify the Pokémon GO server standing or when is the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale?

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