The greatest indie video games on PC are available in all styles and sizes, a lot in order that what indie even means as a time period is not simple to outline. It can imply small groups making pixel-art delights underneath publishing labels like Devolver or Raw Fury. It can imply established builders breaking off to crowdfund huge ardour initiatives that’d rival blockbuster releases. It may even be one PC Gamer options producer making video games of their spare time from an Edinburgh bed room.

The PC Gamer staff itself has its personal definitions, and on this checklist we have compiled what we reckon are the very best indie video games you may play, immediately, it doesn’t matter what indie means to you.



(Image credit score: Shedworks)

Released: 2021| Developer: Shedworks

Sable is open world completed right. It’s an introspective and contemplative odyssey, sending you out into an unlimited, Moebius-inspired desert to not battle monsters or conquer dungeons, however to easily end up. This is your gliding, in spite of everything, and also you needn’t come again the identical individual you had been once you left.

More than simply the pastel glow of its sands or the fantastically hand-drawn look to its animations, the actual coronary heart of Sable lies in its writing. There’s a heat, an earnestness to each dialog, dotted sparsely as they’re round a game that desires you to understand the time it’s a must to your self. There are ruins to discover, folks to satisfy, errands to run and all types of nick-nacks to gather. But in the event you simply wish to chill out to some Japanese Breakfast melodies whereas driving a hoverbike throughout a pastel desert, that is fairly alright too.

Into the Breach

Into The Breach

(Image credit score: Subset Games)

Released: 2018 | Developer: Subset Games

In the longer term big bugs crawl out of the bottom and ravage the world, and our solely hope are mech pilots from an much more distant future who journey again to avoid wasting us. As a band of three pilots in automobiles that might make very cool toys, you are humanity’s final hope. Fortunately, you may see what the bugs plan one flip forward and might dodge out of their approach so that they assault one another, or dodge into their solution to shield a constructing stuffed with civilians they had been about to demolish. It’s a mech vs. monster dance-off.

And it is conveniently bite-sized. Maps are small, load quick, and solely need to be protected for just a few turns. Into the Breach feels worthwhile even in the event you’ve solely received minutes. With hours to spare you may play a full run, save the day, then take your favourite pilot and leap again into a unique timeline to do all of it once more.

Umurangi Generation

Umurangi Generation

(Image credit score: Origame Digital)

Released: 2020 | Developer: Origame Digital

Umurangi Generation will make you a greater photographer, that is a assure. An city pictures sim set in a cyberpunk Ao Tearoa, Umurangi’s handheld digicam is a murals, a splendidly tactile, bodily object that slowly bulks out with extra lenses, options and post-processing results. It’s a game that loves pictures, and can by no means choose you for a nasty shot.

What it does choose, loudly and proudly, is absolutely the state of the world immediately. Umurangi is an unrepentantly anti-colonial, anti-cop protest piece written on the finish of the world. Kaiju are killing us, and the UN’s Evangelion-like protector mechs are doing no higher. It’s a game that sees the industy balk at being seen as political and powers on regardless, firing shots on the world response to the 2019 Australian wildfires, police response to the 2020 George Floyd protests, and the complacency of videogames in propping up violent energy constructions.

It is a game about being alive on the finish. It is a very powerful goddamn game of the final decade.

Enter the Gungeon

Best indie games - Enter The Gungeon

Crusader Kings 3

(Image credit score: Paradox)

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Released: 2016 | Developer: Dodge Roll

Enter the Gungeon is an arcade roguelite about shooting bullets with bullets. In different phrases, the enemies are ammunition. As one in every of 4 distinct characters, you will dodge-roll, kick furnishings and, most significantly, destroy bullets with bullets. There are tons of of distinct weapons, starting from a bow and arrow by means of to weapons that shoot precise bees.

Enter the Gungeon exists in an absurdly busy style. But Enter the Gungeon is particular as a result of not solely does it nail the necessities (shooting, motion, sheer number of weapons and objects), nevertheless it additionally would not complicate issues an excessive amount of. Other arcade-centric roguelites like Flinthook and Rogue Legacy have had a very good go at mixing compelling motion with a simplified method to the style, and whereas every are nice they find yourself feeling repetitive: like a jumble of the identical rooms. But it is the weaponry that retains Enter the Gungeon contemporary.

Don’t Starve / Don’t Starve Together

Best indie games - Don't Starve

Released: 2013 / 2016 | Developer: Klei

Klei’s 2013 survival game is a playable Edward Gorey ebook where you will most likely get eaten by canine or starve through the lengthy winter—a risk the identify does warn you about, to be truthful—whereas studying how the ecosystem of its uncommon world works. You uncover the significance of the wild beefalo herd, and the worth of coping with the Pig King. 

And then you definately do it once more, with buddies.

The survival video games that adopted Don’t Starve crammed their servers with determined lummoxes all flailing at bushes and rocks and one another. Don’t Starve Together made multiplayer survival into one thing that is not as simple to make memes of, however much more enjoyable. Sure, you may play it competitively nevertheless it’s greatest as a co-operative village simulator where you begin by pooling your rocks to make a firepit and finally you take down bosses then crafting statues to commemorate your victory within the city sq..


Best indie games - Celeste

Released: 2018 | Developer: Extremely OK Games

Celeste is a troublesome 2D platformer with a 16-bit retro aesthetic. If I had a pixel for each time I’ve written a couple of game with these descriptors, I’d perhaps have sufficient to render Crysis. So what makes Celeste particular? The causes are many and assorted: firstly, it carries itself in a different way to different intentionally arduous platformers like Super Meat Boy and N++. Studio Extremely OK Games needs everybody to complete this game, not simply Kaizo Mario World speedrunners, so its pacing is cautious and its angle encouraging. 

The selection is what actually elevates Celeste: this can be a game with set items that aren’t simply saved for the boss battles, and whereas it’s basically a collection of platform problem rooms, it does really feel such as you’re navigating a world (on this case, the mountain Celeste). Not since Shovel Knight have we had a game that manages to cater for gamers who may not benefit from the irreverent, punishing veneer of most fashionable twitch platformers.

Rain World

Best indie games - Rain World

Released: 2017 | Developer: Videocult

You’re going to hate Rain World in the event you method it with the incorrect angle. Firstly, it seems to be like a platformer, nevertheless it’s not: it is a punishing survival game. The first hour or so spent within the game additionally lacks promise: the controls are barely fiddly as a result of (by necessity—this can be a survival game) they don’t seem to be as intuitive as most 2D video games. You need to study them (Rain World is all about studying, however you will nonetheless generally get unfortunate).

Once you surmount these prickly beginnings, Rain World is outstanding. You play as a slugcat one tier above the underside of the meals chain, and you could negotiate one of the vital labyrinthine and hideously damaged planets of any open world game with the intention to survive. Rain World is cryptic, uncompromising, and as soon as given the possibility one of many tensest and most atmospheric 2D video games I’ve ever performed. 

Devil Daggers

Best indie games - Devil Daggers

Released: 2016 | Developer: Sorath 

A one-level first-person shooter where the extent is a hellish enviornment, and the enemies are skulls and flying snakes and different escapees from heavy metallic album artwork. Devil Daggers takes the pace and circle-strafing of Quake and distills it into one excellent minute, or longer in the event you’re higher at it than I’m. It nearly takes longer to explain than it does to play—nearly. 


Best indie games - Subnautica

(Image credit score: Лимонная жёпа)

Released: 2018 | Developer: Unknown Worlds

Depending how you are feeling about diving, Subnautica could be both a beautiful alternative to discover an alien aquarium or a straight-up horrorshow. Even with the survival stuff turned off so you do not have to frequently seize fish and eat them as you swim previous, its depths include claustrophobic tunnels and beasts large enough to swallow you entire. The factor is, Subnautica works as each a tense survival game about making it daily in a hostile alien ocean and a solution to drift round assembly unusual sea creatures (and consuming them).


Best indie games - Proteus

Released: 2013 | Developer: David Kanaga, Ed Key

I like strolling simulators, and I exploit the time period affectionately, however generally I discover it arduous to get caught up of their tales. They can really feel anticlimactic. Proteus would not as a result of its story is one I inform myself. It dumps me on a procedurally generated island and lets me discover, climbing hills and chasing frogs. 

There is one other story in it although, within the sense that there is a sequence of occasions you can expertise, nevertheless it’s a refined one. (I’ll offer you a touch: it entails the standing stones.) If you need it there is a build-up and climax there, however even with out that the enjoyable strolls over its islands gave me all of the satisfaction I wanted.

Papers, Please

Best indie games - Papers, Please

Released: 2013 | Developer: Lucas Pope

Morality’s a factor video games do not usually do nicely, however by letting you grasp more and more advanced laws—Papers, Please has an important difficulty curve, which indie video games generally wrestle with—it provides you energy over the hapless residents who line as much as current their documentation. It motivates you to evaluate them harshly as a result of in the event you do not, the pay it’s essential assist your loved ones will probably be docked, but additionally as a result of the detective work of uncovering fraud is shockingly enjoyable. 

You uncover a contradiction in somebody’s papers and really feel nice, then understand what that may imply for the human on the opposite aspect of the counter attempting to get house and really feel terrible. Yeah, it is a game about paperwork, nevertheless it’s so intense that after I was rewarded for my paper-pushing by being given the important thing to the gun cupboard I wished at hand it again. I wished to inform a online game I wasn’t keen on its gun.

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Best indie games - Crypt of the Necrodancer

Released: 2015 | Developer: Brace Yourself Games

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm-based roguelike—a DDR-dungeon crawler, if you’ll. A head-scratching mixture, to make certain, however that is precisely what it’s. Dance your approach by means of pixelated depths to the beat of an superior, rhythmically advanced soundtrack. Stay on beat to slay the dungeon’s dancing denizens, and do not forget to spend a while with the opera-singing shopkeeper. 

Definitely give the metallic model of the soundtrack by YouTuber FamilyJules (composed by Danny Baranowsky) a pay attention. It’s right up there with the Doom 2016 soundtrack. 



(Image credit score: Supergiant video games)

Released: 2017 | Developer: Supergiant Games

Every Supergiant game deserves a spot on this checklist. Old timers will sing the praises of Bastion, whose narrated painted world put the developer on the map, whereas younger ‘uns will proudly proclaim Hades’ thirsty pantheon ought to declare the spot. But you are all incorrect, as a result of it is Pyre. 

Pyre is a real ballad of a game, a legendary, musical journey by means of purgatory by the use of wizard basketball. Win or lose, each match pushes you forwards, including one other twist to a narrative that’s as bittersweet as it’s heartwarming. The Nightwings are a real household, and although your objective is to carry everybody house, having to say fond farewells to your favorite get together members by no means fails to punch you within the intestine.


Best indie games - Oikospiel

Released: 2017 | Developer: David Kanaga

Oikospiel is a canine opera game about canine making an opera game. I feel. Here’s the plot synopsis in keeping with developer, composer, everything-er David Kanaga: “The Oikospielen Opera is developing an epic global-gaming festival called THE GEOSPIEL, scheduled for the year 2100. The opera’s employees, organized by the Union of Animal Workers, are trying to integrate the game dev dogs of Koch Games into their group, but these loyal pups love their jobs and boss Donkey Koch too much! Will there be Unity, or will Multiplicity prevail?” 

It’s as unusual because it sounds, and it sounds unusual—actually—too. With a soundtrack that mimics its frenzied landscapes, Oikospiel is a touching, psychedelic journey by means of videogame historical past with a significant message about labor.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

(Image credit score: Crows Crows Crows)

Released: 2011 / 2013 / 2022 | Developer: Crows Crows Crows, Davey Wreden

Are you taking part in the game, or is the game taking part in you? So a lot of our company in fashionable video games is illusory, or, extra gratingly, reductive and binary. Are you going to go the great path or the bad-arse path? The Stanley Parable is a meta-critique of gaming as a medium, nevertheless it’s additionally a computer virus existential disaster (and all of us love having these). When we don’t take the vital path, the one prescribed to us, what may presumably go incorrect? 

Originally a 2011 Source mod after which a 2013 standalone launch, 2022’s Ultra Deluxe takes the metacommentary one step additional by asking what it means for video games to be rereleased, inspecting our thirst for increasingly “content”, and recontextualising where The Stanley Parable stands over ten years after its preliminary debut.


Best indie games - SOMA

Released: 2015 | Developer: Frictional Games

Survival horror too usually devolves into repetitive efforts to fend off undead with unwieldy weaponry, however Soma is completely different. There’s no fight on this underwater analysis facility, and enemy encounters are few and much between. Most of the time you’re simply trying at stuff, however that’s okay within the palms of studio Frictional. They handle to wring an amazing sense of dread and despair from a mere darkish hall, to not point out the sprawling sub-aquatic outside areas peppered all through. And the ending of Soma—even in the event you’re often ambivalent in the direction of low motion horror—is well worth the journey alone. It could also be extra contemplative and fewer bounce scare-oriented than Amnesia, nevertheless it’s all the higher for it.

Even these sometimes averse to horror ought to give SOMA a strive. Install the teasingly named “Wuss Mode” mod from the Steam Workshop to make the monsters innocent with out dropping a lot horror within the course of. Sure, you received’t have to cover, however that doesn’t make their look and origins any much less terrifying. 


Best indie games - Thumper

Released: 2016 | Developer: Drool

Thumper is like an unsightly, loathsome, despair-inducing industrial techno tune come to life. And that is an excellent factor. In our Top 100 Evan described it as “a documentary about the path you take to heaven or hell when you die” which is nearly probably the most alluring description for a online game I’ve ever learn. Yes, it is a powerful, precision-oriented rhythm game, nevertheless it’s a precision-oriented rhythm game that seems like a collaboration between Gaspar Noe and Laibach.

Night within the Woods

Best indie games - Night In The Woods

Released: 2017 | Developer: Infinite Fall

Some of probably the most noteworthy indies from the final decade have been journey video games, nevertheless it took till 2017 for one of many highlights, Night within the Woods, to emerge. As endearing feline Mae Borowski, you’re returning to the sleepy rural city of your childhood after an unsuccessful school stint. The city is on the decline, and so too, it appears, is Mae’s future. 

Things haven’t fairly turned out the best way she (or her household) had hoped, and far of Night within the Woods is about coping with this delicate disappointment. Exploring the township of Possum Springs is a pleasure in itself, nevertheless it’s the best way Night within the Woods weaves a common coming of age story round an in any other case simple puzzle-laden journey game that’s outstanding. 

Kentucky Route Zero

Best indie games - Kentucky Route Zero

Released: 2013-ongoing | Developer: Cardboard Computer

Kentucky Route Zero is an journey game of the fashionable variety, where choices and dialogue slightly than puzzles tempo your progress. It’s about discovering a misplaced freeway, nevertheless it rapidly buries you in a form of American mythology where thriller roads are the least unusual factor. I’d hate to spoil what you will discover, however in the event you get in an elevator, see a button that claims “third floor (bears)” and are not tempted to press it, then I do not even know you. 

Kentucky Route Zero’s writing is attractive, decorative but additionally in a position to get right on the meat of a factor. It’s there when somebody calls an workplace paperwork “the paperclip labyrinth” or describes topology as “the science of continuous space”.

Some of the earliest PC video games had been about manipulating phrases as a result of that was all they’d. Kentucky Route Zero is about manipulating phrases as a result of that is an enchanting factor to do. It’s arduous to elucidate why encountering its word-hoard has such a potent impact, however I’m only a journalist. They ought to have despatched a poet.

Stardew Valley

Best indie games - Stardew Valley

Released: 2016 | Developer: Eric Barone

There are few video games that delight me in the best way that Stardew Valley does. I grew up loving the Harvest Moon collection, and Stardew takes that system and applies it to the PC area. Stardew strips away lots of Nintendo’s puritanical hangups—same-sex marriage and sexual innuendo aren’t taboo inclusions, for instance—however maintains the allure of tilling fields, planting seeds, and rising crops. There’s additionally a vibrant city to get to know, mines to discover, and tons and tons of fish to fish. 


Best indie games - Undertale

Released: 2015 | Developer: Toby Fox

Undertale first conjures up curiosity at its quirkiness, then willpower to unravel its difficult fight with out taking the simple approach out, then admiration for the supply of its jokes and the tight meshing of themes and RPG mechanics twisted sideways. Comparisons to Super Nintendo RPG Earthbound, whereas apt, do not do Undertale justice: it is extremely sensible in the way it thinks about the best way we play videogames and challenges and surprises with new concepts at each step.

It’s a game I genuinely assume everybody ought to play. You’ll both recognize the humor, or the problem, or the liberty to play by means of in many alternative methods, or the painstaking one-off moments, or the methods creator Toby Fox bent engine Game Maker to his will, or the prospect of a “true” ending to earn. It seems to be easy, however there’s a lot underneath the floor.

Kerbal Space Program

Best indie games - Kerbal Space Program

Released: 2015 | Developer: Squad

Whether you are significantly into the science and simulation, or simply in search of some enjoyable sending cute astronauts into area (or watching their rockets explode earlier than they get there), Kerbal is a near-perfect physics sandbox. One of the explanations it is such a pleasure to play is that there is immense satisfaction within the successes, like the primary time you attain orbit, or land on the Mun, or safely carry your astronauts house from a mission, however there’s additionally pleasure available (in addition to classes to be discovered) out of your failures.

KSP is each simple and immensely difficult: rockets could be snapped collectively rapidly, and tweaked or rebuilt in mere moments, however conquering the photo voltaic system requires precision and know-how. Its charming seems to be and its detailed physics simulation make it a game for nearly anybody, from informal rocket tinkerers to passionate rocket scientists.

Hollow Knight

Best indie games - Hollow Knight

Released: 2017 | Developer: Team Cherry

The greatest Metroidvania in years, maybe as a result of builders Team Cherry did not explicitly got down to make a game within the picture of Metroid. They had been making a 2D motion game, positive, set in a beautiful hand-drawn decaying bug civilization, however they had been primarily involved with constructing out an intricate and attention-grabbing world, and the remaining adopted. “The rest,” on this case, is a game that feels improbable to play, with a personality who strikes precisely as you need and a weapon that hits with a quick and brutal crack. 

Hollow Knight not often tells you where to go or what to do, making palpable the satisfaction and surprise of discovering new elements of the world and new skills. And it simply retains going. The world is big, extra detailed than you ever count on it to be, and abruptly you are two dozen hours deep and questioning how a lot you continue to have to search out. 

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Released: 2016 | Developer: Red Hook Studios

Dread is Darkest Dungeon’s default state. In obscure phrases it’s a dungeon crawler, however the dungeons aren’t miraculously swept chasms with the odd cobweb and exhumed grave—they’re dank and gross. Add to that, the necessity to handle your entourage’s sanity (not simple in a game that takes some small inspiration from Lovecraft) and you’ve got an RPG that not often provides respite. 

That may sound punishing, however Darkest Dungeon’s temper, and the best way you can make investments your feelings in its variables, slightly than simply your mind and its capability to parse larger and higher numbers, makes for a gripping and bleak RPG.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 cosmic ocean screenshot

(Image credit score: Mossmouth)

Released: 2020 | Developer: Mossmouth

Lots has been written about the fantastic thing about Spelunky’s interlocking programs, its propensity for creating tales, and its tough-but-fair difficulty. That’s all been mentioned and written 100 instances earlier than. Spelunky is a extremely stunning, heartwarming game. It additionally was the primary to exhibit to me, personally, {that a} small game that originated as freeware may include a lot: so many tales, so many occasions, so many numerous, frankly embarrassing, hours. 

Spelunky 2, then, is similar however extra—and whereas that may not reinvent the wheel the unique so lovingly crafted, it is an ideal alternative to revisit and refine the format, making a contemporary dungeon-delver that simply threatens to eat one other hundred hours of your time.