Survival game Icarus just lately launched Styx, a brand new DLC pack free to gamers. It accommodates a hefty new chunk of map measuring 8x8km, successfully doubling the scale of the survival game’s playable space, and including new creatures to battle and new missions to finish.

The Styx map accommodates biomes you may be accustomed to in case you’ve performed Icarus already: dense forests, parched, arid deserts, and icy arctic zones. But even when the situations are acquainted that does not imply you will not meet some new inhabitants. Several creatures have been added to Icarus together with Styx, like fierce Komodo dragons, lethal crocodiles, and the gorgeous kea parrot.

The colourful bird may appear innocent, particularly when in comparison with these vicious reptiles, however they’re hungry and will not hesitate to steal meals out of your provide cache. Yes, even the birds on Icarus wish to make hassle for you. And these hideous cave worms you will have encountered—seems, these have been simply infants. They develop greater now and may even go away the caves altogether, so hold a watchful eye out.

(Image credit score: RocketWerkz)

If you have not performed Icarus earlier than, or if it has been some time because you jumped in for a mission, you may be to know of another current modifications. The real-world timer has been faraway from the game fully—now, your mission timer solely runs when you (or your mates) are literally in-game, so you may by no means login once more to see that you have failed a mission when you have been offline. There are new difficulty settings, each for gamers who needed the game to be tougher and for many who discovered it slightly too powerful. A separate expertise tree was additionally added for solo gamers who discovered it troublesome to outlive with out fellow astronauts watching their backs.

The Styx DLC has been added free as a “thank you” to followers of the game who caught round by what RocketWerkz discovered Dean Hall describes as a “rocky launch.” The crew is now engaged on New Frontiers, a paid growth for Icarus, which is deliberate for subsequent 12 months and can function new biomes and alien lifeforms.