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RimWorld is a construction and management simulation video game developed and published by Ludeon Studios. The game is mainly directed by an AI storyteller, generating stories by simulating psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat and many more elements.

Protecting your colony is the number one priority in RimWorld. Players need to establish a source of food and make the base as cleverly as possible. While there are a lot of base options, the best way to make a great base is by using Hydroponics. Here is a guide to use them and create the best Hydroponics Layout in RimWorld.

 Hydroponics Layout RimWorld
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What are Hydroponics

Hydroponic basins provide higher soil fertility for boosting the food production in RimWorld. To get Hydroponic basins, you will need to research them at the bench. The next step is researching electricity to get sun lamps. You will grow food at a much higher pace after getting both Hydroponic basins and sun lamps. A few plants which you can grow using this method are potatoes, rice, strawberries, cotton, hops, smokeleaf, psychoid, and healroot.

Although this procedure is great, you need to take care of a few things. Noting power is very important. The solar flares or breakdowns will affect your crops. Basins will only give you soil fertility so keep track of other things you need to provide, including ideal temperature and light.

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The image above shows the ideal layout you want to have for things to work properly. Set a single sun lamp and 24 Hydroponic basins. The four wasted spaces will become a base for pillars. Also keep note of constructing the wall outside the sun lamp’s range. If not, the entire setup will fall apart.

The layout consumes exactly 4580 Watts of power during the day and 1680 Watts at night. The setup needs three solar generators or one geothermal and two solar generators.

The layout will provide you with efficient use of energy and minimal wastage of space. That’s all. You now know the secret of building the best Hydroponics Layout in RimWorld.