Tron: Id, the upcoming Tron-iverse visible novel from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, has a brand new gameplay trailer and a launch date. You will be donning your electrical nightwear, mounting a lightcycle, and making all kinds of actually dangerous pc selections when the game releases on April 11.

The game takes place in a Grid that is been “forgotten by its creator and left alone to evolve with out Consumer intervention,” an equilibrium that is disrupted when somebody commits an “unprecedented” (and unspecified) crime. All of it sounds very noir: You play a detective named Question, piecing collectively what occurred in your quest for the reality.

What we have seen of Tron: Id has closely emphasised the variety of decisions you will get to make and the horrible, horrible penalties you will get to expertise consequently. There’s a number of dialogue and fairly art work and a sprinkling of puzzles, nevertheless it actually looks like the factor the game will likely be outlined by is the standard of its narrative and the way it reacts to your selections.

It appears to be like like a pretence-free visible novel, in different phrases, which I think about will instantly seize some individuals’s curiosity whereas sending others working for the hills. As for me? I am up for it. If Tron: Id will let me reside out my Philip Marlowe detective fantasies and trip a cyber-cycle whereas I do it, then color me intrigued.

It looks like Disney is on a little bit of a push to convey Tron again from the useless in the mean time. It has been over a decade because the launch of Tron: Legacy, however now we have got this game on the best way and a Jared Leto-helmed new Tron movie to… look ahead to? Dread? Let’s go along with ‘await with sturdy reservations’. Regardless, somebody over on the Home of Mouse appears eager to make Tron occur once more.

Should you additionally need to make Tron occur once more, you possibly can keep watch over the game over on the Tron: Id Steam web page.