The Chaos Dwarfs are coming. That is not the final, baffled whimper of my diseased thoughts, it is a assertion of truth: Chaos Dwarf DLC is lastly coming to Whole Struggle: Warhammer 3 alongside the game’s 3.0 update on April 13.

The “Chorfs,” as they’re additionally recognized, have been a much-desired addition for some time now. In the event you’re unfamiliar, they’re, uh, just about evil dwarfs: A gang of malicious mechanics who use huge, smoke-belching machines wrought of metal and sorcery to do battle crimes. Naturally, gamers appear to like them, and everybody’s very excited they’re lastly placing in an look in Whole Struggle: Warhammer 3. 

The Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC will embrace “three ferocious and foul Legendary Lords,” which means “Astragoth Ironhand, Excessive Priest of Hashut; Drazhoath the Ashen, Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut; and Zhatan the Black, commander of the Tower of Zharr”. 

Backing them up is a brand new hero, the “one and solely Legendary Hobgoblin Hero himself, Gorduz Backstabber”. With a reputation like that, I suppose ‘frightful servant to the Chaos Dwarfs’ is without doubt one of the few profession paths open to you. Previous Gorduz may also “enhance hobgoblins” round him at any time when he is on the board, like an excellent common ought to.

There’s all kinds of latest fine details accompanying the brand new faction and characters. You can put chaotic magic to good (dangerous) use with the brand new Lore of Hashut, construct new stuff just like the Nice Drill of Hashut (letting you “break open Hashut’s area and siphon his blood for cataclysmic powers”), and make use of over 26 new items, that includes all method of dread machines and infernal warriors.

The game’s neighborhood appears fairly amped for this new faction. One much-upvoted remark from a consumer known as chase_half_face on the Whole Struggle subreddit says “I severely can’t consider one in all my favourite Warhammer factions goes to be playable in any case these years”. One other, from Haha91haha, says “The whole lot seems superb as regular, no, scratch that, even BETTER with how the fireplace gleams and the steel shines”. 

You could find Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs out there for pre-order over on Steam, where it is 10% off forward of its launch subsequent month.